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5 Things You Might Not Know About SUPER MARIO BROS.

Geek Dave from TheTriviaGeeks.Blogspot.Com presents 5 things you might not know about Super Mario Bros.

1. Jackie Chan was an indirect influence on Super Mario Bros. That is to say a previous NES game called Kung-Fu, which was based on a Jackie Chan movie called Spartan-X, was the inspiration for a new smooth scrolling, bright coloured, jumping action platformer that Shigeru Miyamoto set about designing and ended up as Super Mario Bros.

2. That game didn't initially feature Mario at all. In fact the almost completed version just had a blank rectangle in the place where the plumber would eventually go. Stuck without a central character, Nintendo's past releases were analysed. The original Mario Bros (the one in the sewer's), although not a massive success, had continued to steadily sell new cartridges so it's star was added into this new game.

3. There's a huge amount of recycling going on in Super Mario Bros. The clouds and the bushes are the same sprite, Bowser's castle is a combination of the smaller castle sprites and many of the sound effects serve duel purposes, including descending a pipe/getting smaller.

4. The cover of that box (above) actually features the Mario sprite as it appears in Donkey Kong.

5. Although cutting edge technology at the time, Super Mario Bros fitted onto a tiny 256 kilobit cartridge. If you don't know your bits from your bytes then you may be surprised to learn that you would need about 3 of those cartridges to store the single .jpg image above!

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