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This is the "About" page, so I guess we should explain what we are 'about'?

Well, we're 'about' 50% Doctor Who and 50% wide world of geek! Combine them both into a range of daily feature articles, reviews, news and trailers from your favourite TV shows, movies, comic books and other geeky things. Let it all simmer in a broth of sci-fi, fantasy and cult-ness and voilĂ  - Warped Factor.

You'll find at least one (usually two) brand new Doctor Who feature article(s) seven days of the week. We have several regular Who columns - for instance, every Saturday you'll find a piece on one of the many companions, and every Tuesday and Thursday there's a new Big Finish review. And if you click that picture above you can find all of them in easy to navigate sections.

There are other non-Who regular weekly articles - for instance, every Wednesday you'll find a new Star Trek column, covering all 50 years of the long running franchise, and from early 2015 we're also starting a new weekly James Bond column each and every Thursday.

On top of that every single weekday you'll find at least two new articles on geek themed shows, movies, comic books, superheroes, LEGO, etc, etc. They could be trivia posts, 'looking back at style' articles, reviews of current episodes, and so on.

And the cool thing is we're a multiple contributor site with the majority of the content coming from people just like you (yes, you!). People who are passionate about their favourite geeky shows and movies and just want to share their passion with you (not literally, obviously. We're a family site!). We're always on the lookout for new guest contributors, so if you'd like to find out how to join the team please see our Geeks Wanted page.

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