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Game Of Thrones now includes 2 SARAH CONNOR'S

It has been confirmed that Emilia Clarke will be the latest actress to play Sarah Connor in the forthcoming Terminator : Genesis movie.

Clarke, who plays 'Khaleesi' Daenerys Targaryen in the HBO series Game Of Thrones is not the only name from that show attached to the reboot. Confirmed director Alan Taylor has been behind the camera for 6 episodes, he also directed this years Thor : The Dark World.

The plot, for what is hoped to be a new trilogy of Terminator films (have we not heard that before?), apparently involves time travel. It is unknown if that means the T-800 goes back in time to kill Phil Collins, Mike Rutherford and Tony Banks!

The only other confirmed name attached to Terminator : Genesis is Arnold Schwarzenegger himself.

Game Of Thrones now includes two Sarah Connor's. Lena Headey, who play Cersei Lannister, previously owned the role in the TV adaptation of Terminator : The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

Are you excited for a new Terminator movie?

Source : Deadline

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