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Have we found Gallifrey before the Doctor?

We think it's a pretty safe bet that the next big story arc in Doctor Who will be the Doctor's search for Gallifrey. But have we found the Time Lord's home planet before he's had a chance to even start looking?

The short answer is, of course, no. Doctor Who is fiction and as grown men we shouldn't get so excited about this kind of nonsense.

But we do!

What kind of nonsense you ask? Well there's a petition to rename a recently discovered planet to Gallifrey in honour of Doctor Who's 50th anniversary. Currently the planet is known as HD 106906 b and was discovered earlier this year by a team from the University of Arizona. This wannabe Galifrey is a gas giant that is approximately eleven times the mass of Jupiter and orbits its star at a distance of nearly sixty billion miles.

Australian Sam Menhennet has started the petition at Change.org to ask the International Astronomical Union, to rename the planet to Gallifrey. He says...

"I really want this planet to be named Gallifrey. Even if it just an honorary name, or a nickname, there really needs to be a Gallifrey out there in the universe. Doctor Who is legendary, award winning, record breaking, and global, and this planet deserves something special and supernatural as its name, How better to honor its existence than by dubbing it the home planet of our beloved time traveling alien, The Doctor? Years from now, when I have grandchildren, and I tell them about my favorite show growing up, I want to tell them that we found the planet that The Doctor was from."
We've signed the petition, along with 32,000 others! Just think if this becomes a reality we can look forward to people sending in photos of Gallifrey on the next series of Stargazing Live.

Sign the petition at

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