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What Is The Best Site To Buy World Of Warcraft Gold For Shadowlands?

With Shadowlands coming, many World of Warcraft fans are already considering where they should go to get Gold. At the start of a new expansion, everyone wants everything, and they want it right now. They need materials for new professions or new profession crafting recipes. They need consumables like food and gems or enchants to give them the best shot at the new raid. And they need Gold for new gear or consumables to get them through the next part of the leveling process.

The problem is, grinding for Gold at the end of an expansion is hard work. Often, many players stop playing the game at the end of an expansion. They've already completed all of their goals, so they cancel their sub until the new expansion goes live. For the people that stick around, there are fewer people to sell to. But even when the population remains healthy, it's difficult to sell to players who already have everything they need - they've already completed the content, so they don't want new gear or materials. The only people you can sell to are people who want old transmogs or mounts, and there's not enough of those players around to make good Gold.

This dilemma is why so many players plan to buy Gold at the launch of Shadowlands expansion instead of grinding for diminishing returns. If you're one of these players, then we've got you covered. Let's take a look at your WoW Gold buying options for Shadowlands.

Eldorado is a robust marketplace for buying and selling a range of in-game currencies, including WoW Gold. Shadowlands gold prices are incredibly cheap, so you can get a lot for your money, especially compared to the other options on the list. They also have an excellent reputation, with a whopping 4.9/5 across 1,787 reviews on Trustpilot. Many buyers praise the fast delivery times and the easy buying process.

Eldorado is also the best option if you're a gold seller as well. The sales fee is only 5% for currency and items.

PlayerAuctions is a global marketplace for virtual gaming products. They offer currency for a range of games, including World of Warcraft EU and World of Warcraft US. As a marketplace rather than a straight gold shop, you can benefit from marketplaces' competitive nature that tends to drive prices down. However, the cost of Gold is still higher than on Eldorado. For example, let's make a random comparison. The cost of 200K Gold for the Area 52 WoW server on PlayerAuctions is $30.00. On Eldorado, 200K Gold on the same server is $26.44. This is just one example, but the story is the same if you go play around with other servers.

It's also worth noting that PlayerAuctions has a less than stellar reputation with a 3.6/5 on Trustpilot. Many users do have a good experience, but others don't. Reports of delayed deliveries, unresponsive sellers, and poor customer service are common.

The fees for Gold sellers are also relatively high at 9.99% + $0.99 for currency sales.

FastWoWGold specializes in selling World of Warcraft currency. FastWoWGold is a Gold shop rather than a marketplace, so the prices aren't competitive. The price you pay is solely at the mercy of the website. At present, the cost of Gold still comes in a little lower than PlayerAuctions for some servers but higher than Eldorado. It's also worth noting that they are currently out of stock for Gold across many servers, even the most popular ones. This makes the shop unreliable since you won't know if you can get Gold when you need it.

Another gold shop, MMOGAH, specializes in selling currency for several MMOs. They tend to be more consistent when it comes to having Gold in stock than FastWoWGold, so they are more reliable in this respect. However, the prices will set you back a lot more than on the marketplaces like Eldorado and PlayerAuctions. If we use the example server from earlier (Area 52 - Alliance), 200K Gold will cost you $36.40.

Overgear specializes in allowing players to buy Gold directly from Gold farmers without intermediaries. Gold prices can fluctuate widely depending on the seller, but if you have the time to look around, you can find a good deal. While the site has a good reputation with buyers, many sellers feel they need to increase their prices to account for the high commission fees. Overgear has one of the highest commission rates at 12%. In the end, buyers end up paying the cost for this as sellers look to recoup their losses.

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