Johnny Depp, Harrison Ford, Benedict Cumberbatch & more star in the biggest movie flops of 2013 - Warped Factor - Words in the Key of Geek.

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Johnny Depp, Harrison Ford, Benedict Cumberbatch & more star in the biggest movie flops of 2013

Just casting a Hollywood A-lister in a big blockbuster movie does not guarantee success as 2013 has proved with it's fair share of movie flops headlined by major names.

Join us as we take a lighthearted look at some of the biggest box office disasters of the year.

We all actually quite liked Disney's The Lone Ranger, however it did feel too long. If they'd removed all of the older Tonto scenes and had a bit of an edit in the middle this could've been a good solid 2 hour adventure. It's certainly the least annoying we've found Johnny Depp in years! Negative reviews kept audiences away and in the US the box office totaled only $89 million. We say only, like $89mil is peanuts! But compared to the production budget of $215 million it really is. A larger worldwide take of $260 million was better but after factoring in all the promotion costs this movie lost money. Shame, as it really isn't that bad and worth watching.

But it wasn't just the huge budget blockbuster movies that suffered in 2013. In DreamWorks' Wikileaks movie The Fifth Estate, Benedict Cumberbatch played Julian Assange. Assange publicly condemned the movie and in an open letter asked Cumberbatch not to get involved. But he did, and we thought he ended up looking more like a grown up version of The Boy From Space from the 1970s BBC Schools programme Look And Read.

Peep Peep!
It's uncanny, we're sure you agree? But it's probably not the reason that kept people away from the multiplex. In the USA the film opened in 1,769 cinemas and made a dismal $1.7 million. With a budget of $28 million and a final box office take of $8.5 million it seems that, unlike the content of Wikileaks, this movie remained a secret.

Never leave home without making sure you've properly packed your Josh Brolin.
The remake of the movie that many Americans had heard was good but couldn't be bothered to sit through and read the subtitles, or cult Korean thriller Oldboy as it was also known, was a huge turkey at the Thanksgiving box office. An impressive cast including Josh Brolin, Samuel L Jackson and Sharlto Copley, a well respected director, Spike Lee, and a $30 million budget couldn't help this film make more than a rather feeble $4 million.

For several years now Harrison Ford has just looked downright bored and grumpy in every single film he's made. That's probably why we liked him so much in Morning Glory, maybe he wasn't acting there at all! But this year's Ender's Game was one movie too far. The plan was that this would be the first in a series of teenage sci-fi flicks, to start another franchise like The Hunger Games, but the plan failed. At a cost of $115 million and a worldwide return of less than $88 million we think this is the end of Ender's Game.

Harrison Ford was also in the mix for this Summer's Liam Hemsworth/Gary Oldman thriller, Paranoia. We're afraid to say that it earned just $13.7 million back of it $35 million budget. Harrison Ford should be anxious and slightly paranoid after this year. Fortunately he's got Star Wars VII to look forward to, maybe that will cheer him up!

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