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DOCTOR WHO : The Moonbase new animation clip

We miss Handles :-(
The Moonbase is one of Doctor Who's partially complete stories from Patrick Troughton's era. It makes it's way to DVD this month with new animation in place of the missing episodes.

The Moonbase is set in 2070, when the tides and weather on Earth are controlled from a station on the Moon. When the TARDIS lands on the lunar surface, the Doctor, Polly, Ben and newly-joined Jamie discover the base has been over-run by a mystery plague epidemic. As men begin to go missing and Jamie succumbs to the virus, it's down to the Doctor to work out who is behind the attack.

Only episode 2 and 4 remain in their original form, episodes 1 and 3 have been reconstructed using off-air soundtrack recordings and animation. The BBC's Doctor Who website have released a clip from episode 3 which shows the Cybermen marching across the surface of the Moon in preparation for their attack on The Moonbase.

There's also a nice trailer for the DVD release...

The Moonbase is released on DVD on January 20th in the UK, and February 11th in the US.

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