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DOCTOR WHO series 8 to air from July?

Filming for series 8 of Doctor Who has been underway for a few weeks now. There's been much speculation as to when we might see Peter Capaldi's debut season, with the smart money being on late Summer/Autumn.

But the director of the first 2 episodes, Ben Wheatley may have just let on that we might be seeing new Who sooner than thought. Whilst in conversation with Uproxx he revealed...
"I’ve got two more weeks shooting Doctor Who, which hopefully is going to go in July."
It's obviously not a firm date, and I expect he has little to do with the BBC scheduling department, but if correct that would give Doctor Who a July/August/September run. Traditionally the Summer months are thought to be a weak time for viewing figures but that's not always the case and with little competition Doctor Who could return to large numbers.

What do you think? Are you excited to see Doctor Who sooner rather than later?

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