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This ADVENTURE TIME LEGO needs to be in my life right now!

What time is it? LEGO Adventure Time!

Currently under review over at LEGO CUUSOO is this amazing Adventure Time set.

The Adventure Time Project is an attempt to bring the land of Ooo to life in LEGO form. The micro-scale Tree Fort contains all of the details from the show and has a revealable interior where you will find Finn and Jake's bedroom and the main living room. It comes complete with micro versions of Finn, Jake, BMO, Ice King, Princess Bubblegum and Marceline. The set also features three minifigures so that you can create your own full scale creations: Finn the human, Jake the dog and of course BMO!

What so you guys think?
I think they look brilliant! The sets are colourful and eye catching. They really need to be in my collection right now!! I'd be very surprised if LEGO CUUSOO don't run with these because Adventure Time is a great fit for the LEGO brand, and it's never been more popular.

You can see more pictures of the Adventure Time Project here, and pop over to LEGO CUUSOO to find out more about this amazing looking set.

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