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10 questions with SIMON FISHER-BECKER - Dorium, Daleks and Doctor Who

Recently Wil caught up with Simon Fisher-Becker, to talk about Doctor Who, Dorium Maldover and his new one man show My Dalek Has A Puncture. 

Of course many of you will know him as Dorium Maldovar from Doctor Who, and you may also have seen him as The Fat Fryer in Harry Potter And The Philosopher's Stone and in the BBC4 sit com Getting On. But more recently Simon Fisher-Becker has been touring the USA with his acclaimed one man show, My Dalek Has A Puncture. Before he embarks on the UK leg of the tour I had the chance to sit down for a quick chat with everyone's favourite blue-head-in-a-box.

Did they try any other looks or colours for Dorium Maldover, before settling on blue and bald?
"They may have before I was on the scene but in the script at the audition it said 'BLUE'."

Do you get to bring a lot of yourself to a part like Dorium, or is there little room for experimentation on a production like Doctor Who? 
"The main thing I bring to any role is personal experience. It's just a natural thing to do."

Which of the Doctor Who cast was your favourite to work with? 
"I loved working with everyone but really enjoyed the scene with Frances Barber and of course Matt Smith."

I just tweeted that I was about to talk with you and instantly had loads of replies, all saying "Any chance of a return for Dorium in Doctor Who?"
Personally I've always thought your head in a box would be a good fit with the Paternoster Gang. 
"It is wonderful to have so many fans wanting to see Dorium return. I'd love to go head to head with Peter Capaldi (every pun intended) but it's ultimately up to Steven Moffat and the powers that be."

Whilst we're on the subject of fans, I know you recently took your one man show to the USA, do you find there's much difference in fans around the world?
"Fortunately ALL fans are wonderful. Americans are much more open and tactile. Fans down under like it if you are a little more crude and English Fans are a little more reserved but love you as much as other fans. "

You've had a very varied career on both stage and screen. Do you have a preference, or do you thrive on the constant variety of work?
"I always enjoy a variety in the work schedule but there is nothing like working with a live audience.  Hence I'm taking 'My Dalek Has A Puncture' out on the road in the UK from April to November."

So what is My Dalek Has A Puncture all about?
"It's a lighthearted romp through the crazy life of an Actor. It is autobiographical and charts my life up to the point where I am offered Dorium. The show points out the pitfalls and silver linings in life and gives advise on what tools you need to become an actor today."

As well as this new one man show, you've appeared on the stage in everything from Shakespeare to pantomime and all that's in between. Do you have a favourite production from over the years?
"Everything. I simply enjoy performing."

After the UK tour of My Dalek Has A Puncture, where are we likely to see you next?
"In May filming starts on PUPPY LOVE, a new comedy for BBC4. Starring, Joanna Scanlan, Vicki Pepperdine, Sanjeev Bhaskar, Tobias Menzies and me. I play Joanna's husband. It's filming in The Wirral and due to go to broadcast in the Autumn."

Finally, How is the wifi in the Seventh Transept? 
"Still working perfectly...."

Simon Fisher-Becker, thank you very much.

The UK tour of My Dalek Has A Puncture begins Friday April 4th in Stevenage, then visits Ladywell Lewisham, Herne Bay, Sudbury Suffolk, Lincoln, Doncaster, Barking, Chippenham, Blackburn, Epsom and Whitley Bay.
Find out more at www.fisherbecker.info

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