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24: LIVE ANOTHER DAY episode 4 2pm-3pm review

It's Brad Wilson's review of 24: Live Another Day 2pm to 3pm. Pinky promise!

Wow! Where to start with this hour? First off all did I call it, or did I call it? In last week’s review, I predicted Margot Al-Harazi would eventually sacrifice one of her children before the day is over. Well, she may not have sacrificed her life, but having one of your fingers chopped off qualifies, I think. This woman is ruthless, crazy, and will not stop until there is bloodshed on a grand scale -- damn good villain, if you ask me.

The next thing is my opinion on Agent Kate Morgan. I think I’m coming around. I won’t call her a badass just yet, but she’s gutsy. I’ll give her that. I’ll address that in a moment.

When you step back and look at this episode as a whole, it’s largely uneventful in the action department, until the end at least. Yet, I was still riveted. This show is so smart and fast paced. It’s such a fun ride. If any of you saw “Captain America: The Winter Soldier,” then you’ll understand what I’m about to say. This season has that sort of feel to it. Almost like an espionage, political thriller. One man who knows what is right and has to go to great lengths to prove it/save the day.

Jack is willing to sacrifice everything if it means saving lives. He’s always been like that. This hour was no different. Holing himself up in a communications room, taking hostages, and putting himself in danger, all to protect thousands of people who want his head on a pike. (You like that Game of Thrones crossover? Ah, who knew Catelyn Stark could be so crazy)! And even when he’s backed into a corner, he still knows how to bide time. Threatening to hurt the hostages, shooting at the Marines (non-lethal shots, of course). Couldn’t ask for a better embodiment of an American.

Let’s actually go back to Mrs. Al-Harazi. I told you! That woman is a lunatic. She chopped off her daughters finger and would’ve done more if Naveed hadn’t mercily given in to her demands. It’ll be interesting to see how this relationship plays out. I have a feeling Naveed and Simone won’t be around to see the end of this season. Also, I wonder how Simone’s brother feels about his mother’s brutality? Maybe that will surface later too. Sidebar, that scene when Simone tells Margot of Naveed’s plan, doesn’t that tea kettle just unnerve you? Ugh. I hate tea kettles.

Moving on to President Heller. I think the scene with him addressing parliament was a little weak. At the end of last week’s episode, he was being openly chastened by the members. Now, this week, we get a few cheesy speech lines peppered throughout the episode, and all of a sudden they’re applauding him? He must be one hell of a speech giver. It’s just hard for me to believe that one minute they want his head for the killing of U.K. soldiers and in the span of a 15ish minute speech, all is forgiven? C’mon Brits, stick to your guns (no pun intended).

Now let’s get to back Kate. As I’ve said all along, she’s smart. But in this episode we’re starting to see a *little bit* of Jack in her. She’s gutsy and she’s risky. You put those two together with brains, and you’ve got the makings of a badass. She’s on Bauer’s side now, which is awesome, and it will be interesting to see how she and Bauer progress.

I’m disappointed in President Heller, as I’m sure most of you are. With all the history he has with Jack, you would think he’d give him the benefit of the doubt. But no, he has to let the Marine’s try to take out Bauer. Audrey, on the other hand, she knows what’s up. Also, why is Mark such a jerk? Man, I hate that guy. Talk about the pot and the kettle. When he and Audrey are talking about Jack he tells her she’s letting her personal feelings cloud her judgement. Really, guy? SHE’S the one? Now, in all fairness, if I met a woman who was in a catatonic state and in therapy for years because of what some guy did to her, I wouldn’t be his biggest fan either. So, in that regard, I can’t blame him. That being said, Jack is awesome and you suck, Mark.

My final thought is this: This show is getting better with every episode. I love the plot, I love the villain, I love the new cast, and I’m glad to see some of the old cast back. It’s a shame this is only a miniseries, because they absolutely could’ve made this an entire 24 episode season. I’m excited to continue the ride and from the looks of thenext week’s episode, the stakes are getting higher. Can’t wait!

What did you think of episode 4 of 24: Live Another Day?
Brad Wilson lives in Southwest Florida where he writes every day at his job as a television news producer at WINK News. He doesn’t have a blog up yet, but it’s coming. In the meantime you can follow him on Twitter @bradwilson86

Watch the trailer for next week's installment, 3pm-4pm.

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