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24: LIVE ANOTHER DAY episode 5 3pm-4pm review

The clock's still ticking for Jack Bauer in 24: Live Another Day. Here's Brad Wilson's review of episode 5, 3pm to 4pm.

I think if this episode had a nickname it would be “Rollercoaster.” That is how it felt watching the 3 p.m. - 4 p.m. hour. There were tense, emotional scenes, misdirection and plot twists. I love it.

So, here’s where we are. Despite Jack and President Heller’s efforts, the terrorist Margot Al-Harazi has taken control of six U.S. drones. Not as many as the 10 she wanted, so I guess there is a minor win there. The proof was found thanks to Adrian Cross and how much of a badass hacker he is. Ha, and he knows it too. “Almost impossible to spot, unless you’re me.” Ego aside, Cross helps get the ball rolling on proving what Jack has been saying about an attack. Real quick, do any of you think Cross and Chloe have a romantic history? Maybe it’s been obvious the whole time and I missed it, but he did say he loved her. I wonder if that will pan out?

Moving on. Once President Heller hears this evidence, he rightly grounds all drones. Very good call, but sadly, it’s too late. Now, Margot has in her control six RQ-29 Vanguards armed with six laser guided missiles, each one capable of taking out half a city block and all of them heading towards London. Oh sh*t! Oh, and they’re so stealthy even the U.S. can’t find them. Irony!

We actually get to see one attack at the end of the show when Margot fires a missile at her apparent decoy house. IT’S A TRAP! Sorry, little Star Wars on the brain there. Anyway, let’s revisit the happy Al-Harazi house. Apparently, Margot recorded a video demanding Heller turn himself in, or else. Thing is, Naveed made it traceable. So, in that moment I’m thinking “awesome, way to go Naveed. Smart call.” However, I forgot we’re dealing with a CRAZY WOMAN who seems to have thought of everything, and dots all of I’s and crosses all of her T’s. Her son, Ian, found what Naveed did and apparently changed it, which is where the decoy house comes from.

Side note, I guess Ian is okay with the fact his mother just lopped off his sister’s finger! But since Simone really doesn’t have a problem with her mother putting a bullet through her husband’s head, nothing can really surprise me anymore with this family. But because of that attack, CIA Head of Station Agent Navaro is now incapacitated, possibly dead. I don’t want to assume he’s alive or dead, could go either way.

Before Navaro left to run point on the mission, he told Kate she was, once again, off the roster. Sigh. I really just don’t know what to think of Navaro. He seems like your typical agency leader (or at least the ones from CTU we’re all accustomed to). He goes by the book most of the time, but occasionally will bend the rules. But even after Kate clearly proves she is the only one with any sense, he still takes her off. I don’t know, the jury is still out on him for me. But for all I know he’s dead now, so it might not matter.

Now, on to Mark Boudreau. He’s been a complete jackass in every episode, but in this one he has a little bit of redemption. Once Jack is proven right and the U.S. government sees their drones have been hijacked, Mark apologizes -- to President Heller and to Audrey. So, that was nice. Also, he arranged for Jack to be brought to Heller without being told to, because he figured the President would want to speak to him. I mean, we then find out he hid things from President Heller about children being killed in the drone strike that killed Margot Al-Hazari’s husband, but I think he defended it nicely with some good points. Good on ya, Mark!

Now, I can’t wait any longer to address the scene with Audrey and Jack. That might be the best scene of the entire series, or at least so far it is. In my opinion, which isn’t worth much, it was acted superbly. You could feel the tension between them. You could see Jack’s demeanor immediately change when she walked into the room. The first question Jack asks is if she is happy and if Mark treats her well. I mean COME ON! Lots of tension in that room, you can tell their love was immediately rekindled in that moment. I wonder how that will play out through the rest of the season. Can’t say enough of how much I loved that scene.

Now, from the previews of next week, it looks like Jack will get his wish. In this episode, he asks President Heller to lead a mission on a lead he thinks will lead them to Margot. Of course, Heller says no (stupid decision), but with the CIA’s screw up, perhaps Heller is remembering just who Jack Bauer is and what he can do. Hell, Jack even said he’d turn himself in afterwards.

Personally, I’m really hoping Stephen Fry has a bigger role next week. Clearly his character, British Prime Minister, Alistair Davies, is pissed. Not only did some of his military members die in a drone strike, not two hours later he hears SIX drones are on course for London!? I’d be pissed too, especially when it’s the U.S. that messed up, not England.

As I said last week, this season gets better with every episode and this one was no exception. Can’t wait for next Monday.

What did you think of episode 5 of 24: Live Another Day?
Brad Wilson lives in Southwest Florida where he writes every day at his job as a television news producer at WINK News. He doesn’t have a blog up yet, but it’s coming. In the meantime you can follow him on Twitter @bradwilson86

Watch the trailer for next week's installment, 4pm-5pm.

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