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DOCTOR WHO round-up: New comics. New director. Missing episodes. Dark Dimension & more

It's time for another round-up of Doctor Who nuggets, all presented together on one beautiful smorgasbord of delights.

First up, Titan Comics have released a pair of nice looking trailers for their new Tenth and Eleventh Doctor comic series', which both launch in July...

Find out more about the Tenth here and Eleventh here.

In series 8 news this week, it was announced that American director Rachel Talalay would be behind the camera for two of Peter Capaldi's debut run of adventures. She's previously been responsible for episodes of Supernatural, Continuum and Haven, amongst many others.

Also we found out that Frank Skinner would be guest starring in an episode penned by Jamie Matheson, Hermione Norris will appear in Peter Harness's story, and that production was headed to Lanzarote. A return to the planet Sarn, perhaps?

Steven Moffat has been talking to the Radio Times about Doctor Who. As well as praising Capaldi and claiming that "handsome men don't quite suit" the part, he also revealed how much trouble he had writing the 50th Anniversary special, The Day Of The Doctor:
"I don’t think I’ve ever worked on anything that was as difficult, terrifying and as much of a responsibility as writing the 50th anniversary episode of Doctor Who. I wanted everybody to love it. I knew that was impossible, but I wanted people – from those who had never seen it, to the absolute diehard fans who hate every episode I’ve written – to love it. So it was monstrously stressful and very hard: the uncastable cast, the impossible brief, the unwritable script…"
"I can remember sitting with my wife saying, “I can’t tell if it’s good any more, it could be rubbish – I’ll have to leave the country. I’ll have to fake my own death.” And then going for a meeting with the producers the week I was meant to hand the script in, and we were still trying to assemble the cast. We all just sat there, thinking, “This is impossible, this can’t ever work!"
"All of these problems, of course, had been 50 years in the making. There was, I reasoned, only one story to tell if the Doctor was to meet himself – this had to be the day when he saved himself. And in the whole history of Doctor Who, there was only one day he needed saving from."
"There was a tremendous crime committed during the Time War that the Christopher Eccleston, David Tennant and Matt Smith Doctors have all referred to, but we’ve never seen it played out or seen the consequences of it. When we got John Hurt, with that extraordinary voice, I knew we could make his Doctor face that day – the most terrible day of his life. We would finally witness that moment."
"By the time we discover him, the John Hurt Doctor has been fighting the Time War for centuries. He doesn’t call himself the Doctor, and doesn’t behave like him, either – this is our hero as a dark and battle-hardened general. I think it’s nice for a hero to have a dark chapter, although it’s a chapter we will probably never see again because that somehow isn’t Doctor Who."
Well Steven Moffat must have done something right because The Day Of The Doctor won the Radio Times Audience Award at this years BAFTA's. See the acceptance speech below...

From the 50th Anniversary to the 30th, and back to 1993. You may know that plans were underway for a very interesting sounding special involving the return of Tom Baker to the role of the Doctor. Called 'Lost in the Dark Dimension', the project was scrapped due to legal reasons and so we ended up with Dimensions In Time (!). But now some talented fans have made a new animated version of the story and are releasing it in installments on youTube. Check it out below...

Finally, one of the restoration team that worked on the 9 Patrick Troughton missing episodes that were rediscovered last year, has released a short video documenting the process involved in restoring the films. It's quite interesting viewing...

More Doctor Who news as we get it.

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