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GAME OF THRONES The Laws Of Gods And Men review

Sugar Puffs? Star Wars? or Game of Thrones? Raff picks the latter, but was it a wise choice? Find out in her review of The Laws of Gods and Men.

So, today, I woke up at 08:30, the same as I do every Monday. I went downstairs, got my morning brew and my cereal, and then I went back upstairs, booted up my Apple TV to watch this week’s episode of Game of Thrones.

The (what feels like 5 minutes of) credits started and then I woke up 2 hours later covered in tea and sugar puffs. I don’t know what happened. I must have fallen back asleep.

At this point, my impromptu nap was not a reflection of the episode. I was just knackered because I have been watching Angel before bed and it has been an emotional roller-coaster for me. The night before last, so much happened that I just curled into a ball and rocked gently backwards and forwards. It has destroyed me.

But you are not here to hear about Angel (in fact starting this Thursday we'll be looking back at Angel in depth from episode 1 - Ed), you're here because you want to know what I thought about this week’s episode – “The Laws of God and Men.”

For the first time since I have been writing these reviews, what I thought about the episode is not good. I was bored. I found myself playing Angry Birds Star Wars on my iPhone during the episode. So, maybe my great sugar puff nap was a premonition.

When the episode started, I had high hopes for it. We were looking down onto a boat, with what I thought were dragons flying around it. They weren’t dragons. They were seagulls. Devastated!

Stannis Baratheon
What we were looking at was a boat with Stannis and Davos on. Yawn. Stannis is so boring. He is my Jar Jar Binks of the Game of Thrones world. He was going to the Iron Bank to ask for money for his war. Not surprisingly, since there are no DNA tests in this world, they thought he was a joke and refused him. After 10 minutes of icy staring and a flash of Davos’s fingerless hand, they gave him some money.

I just thought this scene was a joke. The Iron Bank would not be persuaded by a speech from the Onion Knight, who is a smuggler. I did like Davos’s bottle and sometimes na├»ve cheek, when he answered the bankers back and corrected them about the difference between a pirate and a smuggler.

Reek/Theon Greyjoy
This week we were treated to Yara Greyjoy trying to sneak up on Ramsey Snow whilst he is, shall we say, “distracted,” which is an immense failure. She tries to get Reek out of the dog cages and make him see that he is Theon, but Theon is lost somewhere deep inside Reek and he runs back to his cage.

Ramsey appears shirtless and covered in blood splatter, which the detective in me thought; arterial blood splatter means he has slashed the throats of her men. Yes, I know, I watch too many cop shows.

I hate Ramsey Snow so much. If this was real life, that dude would be in a mental institution right now! He is seriously off his rocker. Then he went on to give poor Reek a sponge bath whilst he tries to talk him into playing the role of Theon again. I was so disturbed by this scene that if my sugar puffs had survived the morning, I would have had to push them away.

Daenerys Targaryen
This was my favourite scene of the episode. We got to see Drogon. You all should know by now that I love Dragons and I want my own. The fact that we saw Drogon fry some goats didn’t even put me off. I love Drogon so much and I love the way that he pops up when you least expect him to. I do wonder about the other two dragons though. We hardly see them.

Daenerys has to compensate the farmer “thrice over” for his goat loss, and then she seems to blink in terms of her rules about the masters being crucified, by letting one be buried. I think this episode showed that even though she is smart about rules and has a sense of morality, she still has a lot to learn about being Queen. Is this a clue about what is to come?

In reference to Daenarys, I loved it when Cersei completely disregarded her in the meeting with the Small Council. I hope this leads the way for Dragon fried Cersei.

Book readers, wasn’t Jorah Mormont banished by now in the books? Varys did mention in this episode that Jorah is his spy, so maybe that is to come, but I thought that happened early on in Mareen. I could be mistaken though. If this is another thing that the TV show is changing for the ‘butterfly effect,’ then this has massive connotations for other storylines!

Tyrion’s Trial
I loved Tyrion’s speech at the end when he demands trial by combat. Peter Dinklage was epic. He looked so angry and evil that it was brilliant. I wanted to cheer because Tyrion seems to have his mojo back. He has seemed broken in the last few episodes.

I did enjoy that Jamie stood up to his Dad and made a deal in exchange for Tyrion’s life, which was probably Tywin’s aim in the first place. Cersai managed to get on my nerves even though she hardly said anything and just sat there scowling.

Seeing Tywin sit on the Iron Throne just reminded me that he is the one pulling the strings. Poor Tommen is just a pawn and has no idea what is happening around him. It just made me shiver with dread. It was kinda like the feeling that I got when we first saw Anakin Skywalker turn into Darth Vader.

I had a Star Wars marathon yesterday.

When Shae takes the stand and testifies against Tyrion, I was enraged! She looked guiltless. When Tyrion asked her not to do it, I almost cried. How could she? Even if she had been coerced into testifying, you would see some regret in her eyes. There was nothing. It was like she wanted to do it. She knocks me sick.

Even though I was bored for most of this episode, I do think that it is still better than other things on TV right now. So, I am still going to give it 7/10

There are only 4 episodes remaining in this season now and I'm left wondering how they are going to leave it. Sometimes, I think that they are going through the books so fast, but other times I think there is so much left to happen.

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