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GAME OF THRONES The Watchers On The Wall review

It's ninth episode time, and in the world of Game Of Thrones that means it's gonna be a special one. Raff takes a break from defending Castle Black to bring us her review of The Watchers On The Wall.

This episode of Game of Thrones was a lot different to all the rest. It was all about one side to the story, rather than jumping from one storyline to the next, like it usually does.

The overall experience of watching The Watchers On The Wall was a lot different for me because I didn’t have my Sugar Puffs. We did have some in the house, but I have been banned from eating them whilst I am watching my stories after my Mum found 27 sugar puffs under the couch. She was not amused.

She also wanted to know, in detail, how a grown woman could lose sugar puffs. She made me stop talking after, “…then, there was a head explosion…” So, now I am not allowed food in front of the TV, which is utter devastation.

But enough about me, lets get on with the review!

Jon Snow and The Wall
This episode opened with Jon Snow and Samwell Tarly having a right old gossip at the top of the wall. Sam wanted to know what it was like to be with a woman, since he thinks he is going to die today, and Jon struggles to tell him.

This is the first time that I have thought about these characters being just like us at heart. I could totally imagine us lot standing on that wall, in our Nikes, talking about out lives. It probably wouldn’t have the same effect, but it could happen.

I started to get really sad at this point because all I could think about was poor Sam and how he might die without really experiencing life. I love Samwell Tarly, he has such an innocent soul.

I loved that Gilly returned in this episode. I don’t remember her even going to Mole Town in the books, so I am glad that she came back to Sam. As soon as they showed us the shadowy figure walking across the top of the hill, I knew that it was her. I loved Sam’s face when he realized that too. It was so sweet.

Who is he trying to kid, that he doesn’t love her. He totally loves her!

Maester Aemon
I thought Maester Aemon was amazing in this episode. He really loves Jon and Sam, and he was trying to tell Sam that he doesn’t have to shy away from his feelings. Even though he was saying that love is the end of duty, that doesn’t mean that they have to deny the feelings that they have, they just have to use them for their duty. Maester Aemon reminded me a lot of Professor Xavier in this episode.

Then we were finally shown the war between the men of The Night’s Watch and the Wildlings and I certainly wasn’t disappointed. The war reminded me of depictions of World War II, with a fight on two sides and the soldiers not being prepared. However, I obviously wanted the Night’s Watch to win, whereas in the 2nd World War the goodies were the ones on the outside, landing on the beaches in that case.

What I learnt in this episode is that if there are 2 giants and you put an arrow through one of them, then you will face the wrath of the other giant, who will then pull the steal door down with his own hands.

I really did enjoy the giants and the mammoth. The special effects were amazing in these scenes. Plus, they made the wall look epic! When they lowered the giant anchor type weapon, I really felt like I wanted to cheer! I didn’t, because I wanted to remain composed whilst other people were still in the house.

I hate this character with a passion. Even when he was telling Jon that he should have listened to him, he did it in a prissy way. I wasn’t that unhappy when he nearly got gutted. I wanted him off the wall because he ruins it for me. He is just too mean. He should have been kissing Jon Snow’s feet.

Then, after he has been injured, Jon Snow comes to save the day again. This was when we saw Ghost. I thought they could have used him more because we only saw him have a Wildling shaped “snack” once in the whole episode.

Grenn and Pip
We lost Grenn and Pip in this episode and it was really devastating. Even when the stupid giant was running at Grenn, I thought that he would survive. I actually expected him to run triumphantly back to Jon with a giant on the end of his sword. Sadly it was not to be and he died valiantly protecting the wall.

I just can’t believe that Pip is gone. He died in Sam's arms, and I am not going to lie, that scene nearly broke me.

Ygritte and Jon
I feel like this part of the storyline is handled better in the books. I mean there was no tension in the show, when she gets an arrow for her troubles. Even when Jon ran to her, I kept thinking, we haven’t seen this woman for ages, and she is with the enemy, why is Jon Snow upset?

I feel like the two events were closer together in the books so I felt more of a sense of sadness about him losing her. It felt like they broke up years ago in the TV show.

The End
The show ended with Jon Snow, going out on his own to try and capture Mance Rayder. Am I the only one that thinks this is a stupid plan? I mean come on, he is outnumbered like thousands to one! I don’t think we will see Jon Snow again before next season now, which is sad.

Rating: I give this episode a 9/10 because the fight scenes were amazing, the giants were, well, giants and Jon Snow stepped up to the plate and won the battle. I would have given it 10/10 if we had more Ghost, and if Jon wasn’t going to fight on his own.

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