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It's The Animated Adventures of Dcotor Who

This is going to divide fandom!
20 something years ago when I was at University, and Doctor Who was off the air, a fellow Whovian said to me "The day they make a Doctor Who cartoon is the day I stop being a Doctor Who fan". Never understood that train of thought. Sure, it might not be for you but it doesn't take away anything from the 27 years that had already happened. In fact look at Dreamland, that's a really good Tenth Doctor adventure that just happens to be animated.

This however is a little different, but I still kinda love it.
It's a great little fan made intro for The Animated Adventures of Doctor Who. It's done in the style of a Saturday Morning Kids Cartoon, with obvious nods to Gravity Falls, and is packed full of very nice touches - the change from black & white to colour at the beginning, the Adipose and Handles. Check it out...

It's the work of Stephen Byrne, and it's a shame it's just an intro. I hope he expands on it for a full episode.

I think a series like this could work. Clearly it wouldn't be canon, but it could be a whole lot of fun. It could even feature previous Doctor's having all new adventures, similar to the Big Finish audio range but in a lighter tone for the younger audience. After all, there's nothing bad about getting the kids hooked on Who at an early age, is there?

What do you think? Would you watch The Animated Adventures of Doctor Who?

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