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Warped Factor Author Turns Comic Fantasy Novelist

Fyler Writes – for us.

Warped Factor writer Tony Fyler has been promising – or threatening – to write a comic fantasy novel for years. Now he’s taking three months off his editing business (where he gets to tell other authors what’s wrong with their novels) to see whether he can make good and write at least one.

When he was younger, there were signs that perhaps he could. At 24, his work was compared to the likes of Terry Pratchett, Tom Holt and Douglas Adams by some serious publishers, from HarperCollins, PanMacmillan, Orion etc. After a year in negotiation and re-writes with Harper, they finally turned down his first book. Fyler says he became a journalist ‘just to spite them.’

Nineteen years later, he says, ‘They’ve probably suffered enough. It's about time I put my writing where my mouth is. So I'm taking three months off active editing duty, to write at least one, if not two, comic fantasy novels - one called Wonderful (about whether it's REALLY a Wonderful Life), and one called Happily Ever After (about what fairies get out of the whole Cinderella gig) - and then try to get them published.’

Peony, the fairy scientist, is ready to welcome you to Fyler’s World.
Artwork by PSBrooks.com

So if you like your fantasy funny enough to make you think, check out Tony’s new author website, www.fylerwrites.co.uk, and get into a world of incompetent fairies, Guardian Demons, and alien detectives searching for dimensions missing presumed dead. A world of Fascist dragons, and an apprentice Devil for whom “You’re Fired!” has a whole other connotation. A world where witches teach physics and fairies do science, and where Fate can never quite resist a dare. A world of reality – just on the rocks, with a twist.

Alternatively, if there’s a book or two in you, why not check in to see how far you can go towards getting it published in three months.

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