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Marvel Animated Features - HULK VS.

Da'Mon Guy continues his look at the many direct to video animated comic book movies. Today it's Marvel Animations 2009 release Hulk Vs.

When The Avengers took the multiplex by storm in the Summer of 2012, its success could partly be attributed to the foundation that was laid by Marvel in their Cinematic Universe feature films, such as Iron Man, Captain America: The First Avenger, and Thor. However, in addition to those films there were some direct to video movies that helped to build the anticipation for the release of the blockbuster.

Hulk Vs. is one of those films. An animated adventure released by Marvel in 2009, it is an action packed, dynamic film that showcases a combination of two amazing adventures for everyone’s favorite gamma charged super hero. We have Hulk vs. Wolverine and Hulk Vs. Thor.

This feature premiered in 2009. Hulk Vs. Wolverine utilizes the voice talents of Steve Blum (Green Lantern: Emerald Knights), Fred Tasicore (Wreck-It-Ralph), Bryce Johnson (Doctor Strange), and Janyse Jaud (Highlander: The Search for Vengeance). Hulk Vs. Thor uses the voices of Matt Wolf (Rio), Graham McTavish (Colombiana), Grey Delisle (Superman Vs. The Elite), Kari Wahlgreen (Dead Space: Aftermath), and French Tickner (Double Jeopardy).

Hulk Vs. Wolverine is an action packed, extraordinary extravaganza that begins with an epic clash between two of Marvel comics most popular characters. This film offers one of the best displays of the raw power and sheer destructive force that the Hulk truly is, and is also one of the best representations of Wolverine, getting the character just right. We are given a brief synopsis of Wolverine’s well known origin, this and his jaded background comprise the core of the film. The Wolverine is actually the center of this particular tale, and it also features a number of other Marvel characters such as Deadpool, Sabertooth, Omega Red, and Lady Deathstrike. Deadpool especially increases the level of enjoyment with his witty repertoire.

The second disc of the set of Hulk Vs. pit’s the gamma raged beast versus the Asgardian God of Thunder, Thor. Again this movie offers an action-oriented manifestation of the raw destructive power that the Hulk possesses, we see the sheer carnage and utter chaos that the Hulk can be capable of when the 'big green' is unleashed as never before and tears though Asgard under the control of Loki.
Again, this is more of a Thor-central story, and features many other characters taken from the pages of Thor comics including Amora, Lady Sif, Volstagg, Hogan, and Fandral.

One of the best aspects of this tale is how is shows the importance of the dynamic in the relationship between The Hulk and Bruce Banner. This film stresses the codependency that the Hulk and Bruce Banner have on one another, and shows how the two really need one another to coexist. While most other stories just show the Hulk as something that was produced by Banner’s accident, Hulk Vs. stresses that the Hulk has become a significant aspect of Banner’s life.

Hulk Vs. offers two entertaining tales in one collection. The Hulk Vs. Wolverine is the better of the two, but Hulk Vs. Thor isn’t too shabby though. This collection is a great addition to any comic book movie lovers library, but it likely to appeal more to die hard fans of the characters than casual viewers.

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Da’Mon Guy is a writer and artist. He’s a graduate of Coppin State University and an avid, life-long lover of film. Da'Mon has been actively writing movie reviews since 2011, for a number of publications. Check out more of his work at, where he has published over 400 reviews. Visit his Blog and follow him on Twitter

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