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Take off on this awesome LEGO CONCORDE

This is one of my favourite ever LEGO Ideas submissions. The Aerospatiale-British Aircraft Corporation Concorde has to be one of the most famous and elegant airliners of all time. It was truly ahead of its time, and one of the only two SuperSonic Transports to enter commercial service. The Concorde revolutionized trans-Atlantic travel and set several astonishing world speed records.

As a kid I lived below Concorde's flight path, hearing it go over head everyday is a sound that I still remember 30 years later. Although they have been retired from service Concorde was one of the safest passenger aircraft, with only a single fatal accident in 2000 which was due to debris on the runway. I never did get to fly in one, so an extremely well designed LEGO building set will do me for now.

So from Master Builder ABStract comes the Concorde Display Set. The proposed kit comes complete with working nose droop mechanism with lowering visor, movable control surfaces, detailed fixed landing gear, detailed fuselage and engine sections. It also includes a slightly larger scaled Bristol Olympus engine on its dolly as part of the display set, and measures an impressive 79.5 cm in length! Wingspan is 33 cm (in comparison, set 10177 Boeing 787 was 66 cm by 69 cm)


Pop over to LEGO Ideas and give this one some support, it's only been online a few days but is already starting to gather attention. Quite rightly so methinks.


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