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Welcome to LEGO Jurassic Park...

My dreams of having a Jeff Goldblum LEGO BrudleFly minifigure may not quite be coming true, but a Dr Ian Malcolm one comes a close second.

Here's a brilliant looking new project from LEGO Ideas, that couldn't come at a better time. Next year we will have Jurassic World to look forward to, and LEGO themselves have sets planned to coincide with the new movie. But as everyone loves a bit of nostalgia then one tied into the original film would seem to be a great idea.

What we have here is the famous Jurassic Park Gate, the trademark of the Jurassic Park Series. It first appeared back in 1993 when the tour cars entered the Park, a moment that is definitely one of the most iconic scenes in motion picture history. And this proposed set really does it justice...

The proposed set is the work of Senteosan who got this idea whilst watching the 3D re-release of Jurassic Park in April 2013. He spent a tremendous amount of time drafting models again and again, making sure that all proportions were right and each component looked as realistic as possible.

Although initially envisioned as a display piece, there is certainly a lot play value here too.

The proposed set would come complete with the Jurassic Park Main Gate (with working doors), a T-Rex, the Jurassic Park Jungle Explorer, Dr. Ian Malcolm, Dr. Alan Grant and Dr. Ellie Sattler. Senteosan has also listed the Jungle Explorer separately in a reduced set, as a cheaper option for those that don't want the gate.

But it seems many many people do, as within a few days the set is half way towards its goal of 10,000 supporters. So pop over to LEGO Ideas and show this one some love. You wouldn't want to make 'Mommy' very angry now, would you?


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