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10 Frelling Awesome Moments From FARSCAPE

Rob McCarthy goes through the wormhole. Again.

A couple of months back I compiled a list of, what was in my opinion, 10 essential Farscape episodes. As I battled to reduce the list to just 10 I realised there were so many individual moments that really rank up there for me as high points in the series even if the whole episode itself could not make the final cut. So here, as a sequel to that list (none of those episodes are included - but view them here), are 10 of the most frelling awesome moments from Farscape...

D'Argo slices off Pilot's arm (DNA Mad Scientist)
We already know to expect the unexpected, but we're only 9 episodes in to this new show and one of the main characters brutally cuts off the arm of another. Crichton's as shocked as we are, and no-one offering an apology. OK, the arms going to regenerate soon, but dude! Farscape wanted you to sit up and take notice. And we did.

Meeting Chiana (Durka Returns)
At the time we didn't know we were being introduced to one of the most important characters in the series, but now re-watching this scene it's just perfect. The way she goes on to manipulate Crichton and the reveal of her back story affirms that Chiana is dangerous, and someone who is always going to be fascinating to watch.

Crichton and Rygel share a moment (Family Ties)
I love this short exchange from the series 1 finale. For once we have an honest conversation, perfectly wrapped up with a kiss to Rygel's forehead.

Pilot's Evil Laugh (Suns and Lovers)
This brilliant moment from the second episode of season 3 shows Pilot really letting loose, and makes the character seem so much more than a puppet. Clearly, he also held a secret love of spacing people!

Zhaan Dies (Self Inflicted Wounds: Wait For The Wheel)
Saying goodbye to a central character is always an emotional experience, but maybe because Farscape never followed the traditional route of doing this in a season finale it made Zhaan's goodbye even more memorable. Just 4 episodes into Season 3 she pays the ultimate price, shattering the audience, Moya and her crew.

Crichton and D'Argo wake up (Scratch 'n' Sniff)
This is so funny. The pair often share comedic exchanges but when they wake up in a nightclub 'window'... well that was the best moment for me.

Crichton and Harvey (Infinite Possibilities) 
The whole storyline with Crichton's neural clone, Harvey, may have gone on just a bit too long, but there are moments of great humour to be found there, contrasting against the serious nature of John's situation. My favourite of which is when they ride a roller coaster in Season 3s Infinite Possibilities.

Crichton and DRD 1812 (Crichton Kicks)
DRD 1812 was not the first Diagnostic Repair Droid we met, but he was Crichton's faithful companion who whistled and chirped the 1812 Overture. It's not an action packed scene, or a heart stopping WTF revelation, but there's just something really real about this moment of madness as John dances around the corridors with DRD 1812 in tow.

The crew of Moya visit Earth (Kansas)
This three part story from Season 4 narrowly missed out in my 10 Essential Episodes. If truth be told there are two moments here, but we'll count them for the sake of this list. Chiana and Aeryn's Earth outfits are brilliant, and when Aeryn watches TV to study English... priceless.

Aeryn Sun gives birth in battle (The Peacekeeper Wars)
If you ever need proof as to how tough Aeryn Sun is, then look no further than The Peacekeeper Wars. No maternity ward for Aeryn, oh no. In the middle of battle she gives birth to her and Crichton's son, D'Argo Sun-Crichton. And then continues to kick ass.

Well that's my choice of 10 frelling awesome moments from Farscape, I've no doubt many of you have other personal favourites, let us know what they are or if you agree with my choices.

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