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We're all geeking out over LEGO Physics!

Check this out, and tell me your eyes aren't popping out of your head with "WANT ONE NOW" desire!

First up there's an action packed marble run built from LEGO. Combine that with two hundred LEGO brick built dominoes and you have yourself a whole load of awesomeness in the form of this LEGO Physics set. It’s a challenge every time you set it up. And it’s rewarding to watch the action happen.

As it's the kind of thing you really need to see in action...

How much fun did that look?

This Rube Goldberg machine from Christian Bechinie is one of the most original projects we've seen submitted to LEGO Ideas in a long time, and also one which just looks so much fun! Surely it deserves your backing? So pop over to the LEGO Physics Ideas page here and show this one some love.

This has to be something I can own... and set up again and again... and watch it go again and again. I could lose hours on this...

Mankind has truly achieved greatness!


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