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THE FLASH Season 1 Episode 12 Review: Crazy For You

Patrick Delaney is crazy for you...

Get the hell out with that ending!!  I know we are kind of jumping ahead here, but we get a big tease at a new villain at the end of this episode and it's none other than; Gorilla Grodd!  If you haven't figured it out yet, the Flash's villains are not exactly up to par with that of say.. Batman or Superman.  Most are hooky and sound really stupid when you say them out loud, but come on, most of these characters were invented in the 70's and 80's, we were young and naive.  Mistakes were made, first school dances forever ruined, and Gorilla Grodd was brought onto the comic page.  The writers teased it, so I am expecting next week's episode to be full of mad monkeys all juiced out and high on science!  Let's do this !!

Enough looking ahead, lets dive into tonight's episode shall we?  First thing I have to say is I'm glad we did not have to wait very long for a follow up to the Pied Piper story line.  I expected the payoff to take a few episodes but we came right back home.  I know the writers have more planned for the Piper, but I like my characters moving forward and I find that relationship Piper has with Cisco to be very interesting.  Also Cisco got to kick some ass, which I for one, did not see coming.  Though a suggestion if I can be so bold guys?  Will someone get the Piper a Q-tip or something?  Check his ears!!  The evil device he is going to use to kill you is in his ear.  It's gross but fairly obvious at this point, and if anyone falls for it again, I'm calling bullshit.  Don't make me do it because I will. 

This week's villains were maybe forgettable, but come on, that was a cool car!  The teleporting power was neat and the effects looked really good, plus you get an interesting interplay with Flash's powers, but we kind of go back to a villain of the week style here.  The villain didn't seem that formidable and Flash really just needed to hit her once in the jaw to put her out.   In the end they lock her up in super jail, and though she has powers she just didn't seem that threatening.  Thankfully the villain took a bit of a back seat to the brewing story plots, because Barry got a little screen time for himself.

That's right, I freaking called it!!  Last episode I said, we would get a smoking Mary Jane to make Iris super jelly, and what happens this week?  Boom, smoking hot reporter that just so happens to work with Iris.  I am just going to assume that I am a prophet sent to earth to come up with great ideas to enhance your TV experience.  Next I want to see Flash get a bat-mobile... not like a Flash mobile or anything stupid like that, I want him to have the classic 1960s TV show bat-mobile and make out with his new hot girlfriend that I totally gave him.  You're all welcome.

Get in Barry, we got hearts to break.
Patrick Delaney is a nerd baptized in the flames of Dungeons and Dragons, who would grow up reading comic books, and watching Star Wars like it was the only three movies ever made.. this nerd would one day share his opinions .. on the internet. God save us all ... and follow up on twitter .. @x_fenderx

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