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Things are looking bleak for Rick and the crew. Here's Raff's review of The Walking Dead season 5 episode 10.

This episode picks up 3 weeks after the previous one, as Rick indicates that they have been on their way to Washington for 3 weeks. Actually, he says it has been 3 weeks since they have had proper food. Therefore, they are desperate, and they look desperate as well. I think that they have never looked worse and it really scares me. I was proper panicking that we were going to lose someone big this episode, especially when Daryl started eating the worm. I mean, he ate a worm for crying out loud! Although, I do believe that they are a good source of protein! Some scientists believe that we will eat insects instead of chicken or beef, in the future! But, anyway, it was still gross!

What actually happened in this episode?
As I was watching it struck me that not much was happening. They were walking, grieving, looking for food and finding shelter, but overall that was about it.

Then I realised that a lot more happened in this episode than we first thought. Think about it! Go back and watch it again, like I did and you will start to notice little tiny things (and some not so tiny) that you never noticed before.

The Storm
Let’s talk about the storm for a second. I think it symbolized their grief! (I know, deep right?) They had to fight through their grief and face it to come out of the other side! Which is essentially what happened with the storm. If Daryl hadn’t have gone off to burn himself with a cigarette and face losing Beth, then he wouldn’t have found the shelter and they would have woken up in OZ!  OMG I have just had a boss idea for a graphic novel – The Wizard of Oz and Zombies!

The Zombies
The extent of the zombie apocalypse hit me a bit more than it usually does. When they were walking along the road and the zombies were just following them, it just made me think that they are never going to be safe. That must be really tiring.

Which brings me to my next epic realization. Right, go back to when they decide to deal with the zombie stalkers in a way that conserves energy, i.e, pushing them in the river, and then Sasha freaks out and go's all ninja on them. Now pause, and watch the bit where she freaks on the zombies in slow motion!!

Do you see it?


I do think that this might have been a mistake, but Abraham should turn now. We all know it, but if he doesn’t then I choose to forgive this TINY (#sarcasm) continuity error.

In some ways, this was the episode that I have been waiting for because Rick finally uttered the immortal words, “We are The Walking Dead.” I loved it when he said this in the comics because it reminded me so much of “I am Legend,” where humans become the legends and vampires are the norm. I believe in the comics, he said this earlier, after a fight with Tyreese, but it didn’t seem to go down too well! Daryl took offense, but I think that he got the point in the end. THE NAME OF THE SHOW REFERS TO THE SURVIVORS, NOT THE ZOMBIES. People who don’t watch the show always ask me why it is called that when it should be named, “Survivors,” or something silly like that. I give them the ‘Seriously???? Get away from me', death stare.

I loved the bit where Rick said that he used to feel sorry for the kids because this is the only childhood that they get, but he has realized that they won’t know any different so life won’t seem as scary to them. I thought this was an extremely wise statement, especially since the kids were the only ones able to sleep when zombies, in the middle of a hurricane, surrounded them.

Sasha and Maggie
I loved the fact that they ended up getting some closure in this episode. They watched the sunrise and the music box was fixed, and they somehow realized that they do have something to live for after all. In a way, it made me feel that they had come full circle in this episode and everyone is ready to face normal life again.

All through this episode, I felt like something big was going to happen - I just felt it in my TV addicted bones. A TV hunch if you will. Then the mysterious water and “from friends” package was left for them and the hunch turned into me watching the show on the very edge of my seat.

At this point, I still thought it was Morgan and he was trying to surprise them or something. I never expected Aaron to pop up at the end. I thought we were still quite a ways from this portion in the comics! Even though I knew that we had seen the Hunters and Rick had decided to go to DC anyway, I didn’t see Aaron coming. I feel quite ashamed of myself! I should have spotted the clues and known this would happen!

I did enjoy this episode even though it was a lot slower than others. It was nice to catch up with the characters without freaking out about something epic which was happening, even though something epic did happen at the end - but if you don’t read the comic then you don’t know how epic it is or that we are on the cusp of something.

Rating: 7/10

OMG, there are only 6 episodes left, I can’t imagine what they are going to do next in reference to the comic timeline, plus I totally forgot to mention how grossed out I am that they ate dog!

Check out this image from next week, and scroll down for the promo:


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