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Happy Birthday New Who!

10 years ago today, on March 26th 2005 at 7pm GMT, Doctor Who returned to our TV screens. Almost 11 million people tuned into that first episode of the rebooted series, as Christopher Eccleston made his debut as the Ninth Doctor.

Over the last decade, along with Rose, Captain Jack, Martha, Donna, Amy, Rory, River and Clara, we've joined the Doctor on new adventures with the Slitheen, Ood, Adipose, Weeping Angels and The Silence. We've rediscovered old enemies like the Daleks, Cybermen, Master/Missy, Silurians, Great Intelligence, Ice Warriors and the Sontarans. We've had Torchwood, the War Doctor, a Meta-Crises Doctor, the return of U.N.I.T., Sarah Jane and K-9. We've traveled the galaxy, from the Moon to Gallifrey, we've been to the end of time and the end of a regeneration cycle. And yet after ten years, four Doctors, and 116 episodes Doctor Who is now stronger than ever.

On this special day Peter Capaldi reflects upon the return of the show...

Doctor Who returned to our screens in an episode entitled Rose, courtesy of the brainchild behind the new series Russell T Davies. It wasn't all smooth sailing. The episode itself was leaked onto the internet three weeks beforehand, and then when it came time for the debut broadcast just as Christopher Eccleston was about to say his first words a sound mix up from the live feed of BBC Three's Strictly Dance Fever resulted in Graham Norton talking over him.

Coming up over the next week we've got lots of articles and features on the return of the series, in the meantime please join us in wishing Doctor Who a Happy (Reboot) Birthday - much like the Queen it gets to celebrate twice a year.  

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