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Raff returns with her review of this week's new episode of The Walking Dead.

I know, I know, I missed the review last week. I tried to write it, I really did, but I was at Super Comic Con and had to watch the episode on my iPhone outside a closed Starbucks (so I could nick their wifi)

It wouldn’t have been a good review anyway because I hated last week’s episode. It might have been the first episode EVER to get a lower than 5/10 from me. I just didn’t enjoy it and I hated that they killed Noah! Whoops, is that a spoiler? If it is, why are you reading a review for this week’s episode? Anyway, I honestly thought that we had traded Beth for Noah and Noah would be in this for the long haul. This was just one of those things that I believed in my head and didn’t bother to do any research because how could I have been wrong? I will tell you one thing though, I am never going through revolving doors ever again!

So, for those of you that messaged me and tweeted me, that was why I missed last week’s review.

This week

This week, I couldn’t watch the episode until it had aired in the UK because my internet connection went on strike, my server crashed and a number of other mundane things happened which meant at 10 o’clock last night, I say down with a blackcurrent lolly ice to watch it. I always have a lolly before bed, I don’t really know why but it is just one of those weird things that makes me, me.

My dog was fast asleep and people were tweeting me about the episode. I was a mess. I need to watch the episodes before the UK from now on. It doesn't feel right watching them after everyone else.

Opening Scene
I loved the opening scene. It fills me with trepidation when shows have music over scenes and no dialogue. I just knew that stuff was going to go down. It gave me goosebumps. Immediately we saw that something was wrong. Nicholas is lying and making out that Glenn and his crew caused Aiden’s death. That, coupled with Father Gabriel telling tales to Deanna, makes her start to reconsider letting Rick and the gang in.

Rick was a ticking time bomb in this episode and it honestly made me think that he had some form of PTSD! He did have Carol in his ear, telling him to kill Pete, but still, he went ballistic. If you watch it back, technically the fight was self defence, but I doubt Deanna will see it that way, and if you have seen the promo for next week already, you know that I am right. She is such a goody two shoes in an evil world! I just don’t think that she is right in the head, at all!

Well, Nicholas has Rick’s gun - you know the one that Rick hid by the abandoned shed and was missing? We see that stupid Nicholas has it, and will probably go after Rick or Glenn. Sasha also lost it in this episode but that didn’t interest me at all.

Michonne had to stop Rick in the end, and everyone is kicking off on the net that she punched him. Well, what was she supposed to do? He was delirious with rage and had already pushed his son onto the floor. She did him a favour really and might be his saving grace in the end.

What the freak is with the ‘W’ on the zombie’s heads? If they just mean ‘walker’ then I am going to be peeved! Some people think they are really, ‘M’s for Morgan, but I think that would be a weak angle really.

Daryl and Aaron
Daryl and Aaron were my favourites in this episode because their storyline is the most exciting. They found signs of what can only called a weird zombie serial killer in the woods, and they have noticed the W on the zombie heads. They have also noticed that there are more zombies surrounding the wall than usual. What is this about????? I can’t wait to see! I have some suspicions based on the promo, but I can’t remember what I read in the comics and if this is the right time for what I think is going to happen!

I love it when she cooks. It’s so funny. I loved that she called Rick on the reason that he let her back in the group, because if the zombies never attacked Terminus then she would still be out in the woods. Oh my god, I just had a thought! What if the Terminus attack was not a coincidence and it has to do with what is happening in Alexandria right now?????

Rating: 7/10 - Overall I enjoyed the episode but more could have happened. I can’t wait for the 90 minute finale but I am not looking forward to the 7 month wait for another episode!


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