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Things we'd like to see in GAME OF THRONES (but will never happen)

Wil likes a good genre mash-up...

We all love Game Of Thrones, don't we? With it's Shakespearean plots, twists and turns, backstabbing and treachery, it has us glued to the TV week after week, and pining for it's return as soon as the season finishes.

It's got witchcraft, fire breathing dragons, telepathic wolves, murderous shadows and an army of the walking dead. But as packed full of fantasy elements as it is, I think it could do with borrowing a few things from some of my other favourite Sci-Fi/Fantasy shows and films....

Warning - Many spoilers for Game Of Thrones ahead.

Transporter Technology
I'll admit right now, I've not read all the George RR Martin novels so I don't know if Daenerys Targaryen ever makes it to Westeros, but on television it seems to be taking her bloody ages. I sometimes get worried that the show will get cancelled before she even catches sight of King's Landing.

What our Khaleesi needs is the transporter technology from Star Trek. That way she could beam herself and her army straight to the Iron Throne and finally let her dragons burn those Baratheons.

Instead of horses how great would it be if they got themselves some Star Wars Banthas?
Maybe they wouldn't be for everyone, just the elite and the noblemen.
Just image, a fur covered Ned Stark riding into Winterfell on the back of a Bantha!

Come on, you can't tell me that wouldn't be awesome?

Super Powers
Magic is all well and good but what about if some of the main characters had super powers as well?

Everyone loves Peter Dinklage as Tyrion Lannister, he's brave, educated, and calculating. So why not throw some Spider-Man type powers into the mix too?
How good would it be if the hand of the former Hand Of The King could also fire webs?

There he goes, climbing up the side of buildings, spinning webs and fighting injustice all across the Seven Kingdoms.

Actually, that climbing up the side of buildings ability might've been quite useful for Bran Stark!
But I've got a different idea for him...

Time Travel
Yeah, I'm still not over it.

Young Bran Stark's a special boy. Could he be special enough to harness the power of time travel?
If Bran could just get his hands on that Type 40 time travel capsules we lovingly call the TARDIS he could go back in time to just before his Father was beheaded and keep Ned Stark alive! (Even if just to give him the chance to ride into Winterfell on a Bantha!)

Just image, Sean Bean not dying for once!

Still if Time Lord technology is not an option then this final suggestion might just do the trick...

In a show that kills off it's main characters more often than The Walking Dead does, the addition of angles like Supernatural's Castiel would be very welcome.

With just one touch he could heal any wound and bring life back to those who unfairly have none.

I said before, I haven't read all the books so that Red Wedding scene was quite a shock indeed. I know they say you should 'kill your darlings' but wasn't that a bit much? Just let Castiel touch them with his finger and take away the pain.

Obviously I know that none of these things will ever happen in Game Of Thrones, but it's fun to have a good genre mashup every once in awhile. So, in the wide world of sci-fi and fantasy, what would you like to see incorporated in Game Of Thrones?

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