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DARK GODS #5 Review - The Darkest of Dark Gods so far

Gail Williams gives praise to the darkest of the Dark Gods...

This comic series is most definitely not for the squeamish. 

The story so far -  IT specialist Joshua has joined Marion and Murdock, in their quest to stop the rise of the horrors from hell. They have infiltrated what is the head quarters of the organisation trying to raise Hell, a raid which became a blood bath and took the loss of many of Murdock’s men. But they got the mastermind they were after, they tortured him and got the outlines of the plan.  Now to continue …

Issue 5 of Dark Gods sees our heroes riding into the fray in the heart of the city where the dark power has been concentrated by various constructions.  Murdock's brave lads and lasses and heading out to fight the good fight, to fight the evil and try to prevent its rise. 

There are even some talking heads.  Well, one talking head.  And it keeps talking after it's separated from the rest of the guy's body, which is … err … ickky.

We get a bit more background on Murdock and the way he has helped people through the years, brought them from the brink and given them something to believe in.  They love him, he gave them something to live for and now they are ready to die for him.  Fight the good fight.  They know they won't all make it out but it's a sacrifice they are willing to make.

The final pages deliver one Hell of a blow - but I won't tell you how.

The art work is great as usual, I particularly liked the sections on Murdock's past saves, and the double spread of the risen is awe inspiring.

Definite four out of five, verging on but not quite a five.

Gail Williams lives in her own private dungeon populated with all the weird and the wonderful she can imagine. Some of it’s very weird, and the odd bits and pieces are a bit wonderful. Well okay, she lives in Swansea with her husband and daughter. And the world’s most demanding cat. To find out more about Gail, check out www.gailbwilliams.co.uk - Dare you!

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