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Doctor Who: Big Finish - THE KING OF SONTAR Review

Chris Swanson gets to grips with the 'glorious' Sontaran race...

Dowcra base. The third Elite Sontaran Assassination Squad closes in on its target. A dozen trained killers, but even they will be unable to bring down the invincible Strang…

Manipulated by the Time Lords, the TARDIS also arrives on Dowcra. And the Doctor is set to encounter the greatest Sontaran ever cloned…
So your love for this story will depend on many things. Do you like the Fourth Doctor? Do you like Leela? Can you tolerate, since no one likes them, the Sontarans? If so, you’re set. If not, this may be a bumpy ride. For myself, I can enjoy the Fourth Doctor and Leela, the Sontarans, however…

In this story they almost work. The idea is that the Sontarans have accidentally cloned a very powerful Sontaran who plans to set himself up as king. He will then destroy not only the Rutans, but all other inferior races (ie: everyone). The Doctor, Leela, and a Sontaran “coward” stand opposed to him.

It’s your standard Fourth Doctor story, really. Nothing too ground-breaking. The story does attempt to restore some air of menace to the Sontarans; something they really need after watching Strax and company running round Victorian London. The thing is, I never found them menacing to begin with, and since Dan Starkey, who is in this audio, also plays Strax, my mind keeps picturing the short Sontarans running around being comic relief.

But that gripe aside, this is a good, solid, Fourth Doctor story that seems to stand alone, which is nice, and it’s well-worth paying nine bucks to listen to it.

Chris Swanson is a writer and blogger from Phoenix, Arizona. Read more from Chris on his blog, and follow him on Twitter.

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