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Leaked Video Of MARVEL'S PHASE FOUR Plans

Hold everything! The Penultimates, Rabbi Killerman and War Thunder are all coming to the MCU...

Wondering what Marvel have planned for Phase Four of their Cinematic Universe? When will you see Tiger-Mom, Icepack, and The League of Women Voters hit theaters? Check out this leaked video for the lowdown...

I don't know about you but I've been waiting years for a Spatula movie!

You likely realised early on that this is a spoof. But what a spoof! It's the work of Stephen Rosenthal (visit his website and read the individual notes for each spoof movie), and I wouldn't be surprised if Mavel head honcho Kevin Feige is on the phone to him right now. After all, Phase Four is unlikely to have Robert Downey Jr, Chris Evans or Chris Hemsworth, so with no Iron Man, no Captain America, and no Thor, all of a sudden Rabbi Killerman sounds like a real possibility.

And I'd watch the hell out of that!


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