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Lunatic Adventures - MOON Issues 1 - 3 Review

Gail Williams welcomes the New Moon (on Monday)...

The Moon may come out most nights, but have you ever wondered what does he do during the day?  Well according to Thompson, Penfold and Matilla, he spends his time on Earth solving crime.

Let me step back a little - no I've not gone bonkers - not so sure about Thompson, Penfold and Matilla, but there you go. Moon is a new(ish) comic book that I came across in Cardiff Film and Comic Convention earlier this year, I brought all three existing issues in one go, but only now have I had time to sit down and read them.  So let's start the very beginning - it's a very good place to start.

Issue 1 - Rise Part 1

Stonehenge 12AD - yes THE Stone Henge, the one in Wiltshire - enter Koun the Druid - he's a bit of a drinker and something of a womaniser judging by what happens next.  Koun is preparing an arcane ritual, an extremely delicate process to transfer the power of the moon into the warrior queen Nyfain.  Problems start with Druidical in-fighting and show up in the inability to get a rams heart which has to be substituted for a rams head, which explains a lot.  There's a typical couples argument between Koun and Nyfain, and just at the wrong moment Koun is zapped transferring the power of the moon into a bumbling druid rather than wise and powerful queen.  Have to say, this completely sets the tongue firmly in cheek tone of the whole comic and it's a masterful opening.

Moving swiftly on to today, Moon is now working as a secret agent, partnered with Barton, in a kind of MIB outfit, and the two are investigating the murder of a local councilman - CCTV footage suggests he was shot by a baby.  Barton and Moon take a break from the investigation, have a run in with Shades Rodriguez, a traffic warden and go for a drink, the hard stuff - Coke Floats.  Then Barton announces he's taking his first holiday in seven years - it's one of those moments that you used to get in war movies "It's my last bombing raid, Chaps", or "It's my birthday tomorrow" and you know full well that character is about to cark it.

Issue 2 - Rise Part 2

Moon starts to show his abilities - not least of all his ability to affect gravity - to redress the attack on him and Barton, but it's too late for Barton.  We see the dark side of our Moon - with interesting 5 o'clock shadow as he attends Barton's memorial in sombre mood, which isn't improved when he is afterwards partnered with Shades Rodriguez, "Parking Enforcements most reprimanded."  There are some truly terrible puns in this issue, Shades telling Moon he's "waning" should set the tone for you.

We also get the surprise news that the councilman was not killed by a baby, but by Bun Bun Warmheart - a teddy bear.

Issue 3 - Rise Part 3

Bun Bun Warmheart was created to be the mascot for Hugga Hugga toy company, only they made him wrong and he turned out evil, Barton arrested him some years ago, and Bun Bun's history is fun to read, as is the idea that he was smuggled across the Welsh Border through the Rarebit Smuggling Tunnels.  Now the agents of the Toy Safety Commission are after Bun Bun and trying to elbow Moon and Shades out of the picture.  Which leads of an interesting fight that ends up with Moon standing over one of the agents each pointing a gun at the other.  Quite why this gave me a Sam Tyler Life on Mars moment, I'm not sure, but it did.

The Interview of Bun Bun made me smile, though I'm not sure how the handcuffs stay on, it's not like he has wrists or anything, he's a teddy bear after all.  Bun Bun is made to appear the most intelligent individual in the comic, he's so clever in fact, he escapes from the interrogation cell.  Of course his clever escape is all achieved under the "eye in the sky", but not and agency helicopter, but the full moon.

So that's the story so far, it's fun all the way.  And like a lot of comics there are things to look out for in the artwork of the piece.  Admission time here, I walked straight past the Moon stand at Comicon, and only went back to it after speaking with Dan Harris of the Lou Scannon comic (see Loosest Cannon in the Universe). He told me about Moon as artist Steve Penfold had done one of the cover version for Lou Scannon issue 7, he also pointed out that Lou actually makes a guest appearance in Moon issue 3. 

I think this quirky offering is fun and well worth the read, I'd give it 5 out of 5.  Well worth hunting out.

For more info on Moon, or to pick up a copy, check out

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