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The Geek Years - 1975

We've been turning the clock back 40 years with a series of articles on 1975. 

1975 bought us big geek movies including Jaws, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, and The Who's Tommy. Alongside cult classics like Death Race 2000, Rollerball, The Land That Time Forgot and The Stepford Wives.

On the small screen Wonder Woman premiered, as did Saturday Night Live, and Planet of the Apes got itself an animated spin-off. The BBC bought us Survivors, and Fawlty Towers, whilst Tom Baker was in his debut year as the Doctor. ITV launched The Sweeney, and snapped up the first ever UK television broadcast of a James Bond movie - Dr. No.

Also in 1975, George Lucas formed Industrial Light and Magic, to assist in the production of his upcoming feature film - you may have heard of it, Star Wars?

In the UK just £50 would get you a Sinclair Scientific Programmable calculator, whereas Stateside $2,500 would buy you one of the first Betamax home video recording systems, and if you couldn't stretch to that then for the low low price of $98.95 you could bring home Pong!

So check in every day as we revisit the geek year of 1975, and look back at some of the movies, shows and gaming experiences the year gave us.

We'll update this page daily with links to all our 1975 themed articles:
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