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Da'Mon Guy saves the future...

Sci-fi is one of the more creative genres in film making. Science fiction leaves so much for the mind to interpret and the imagination to nurture that it gives movie lovers many, many, unique glimpses into things that one may never even dream to imagine. From Star Wars to Star Trek, from Close Encounters to E.T., or from The Outer Limits to The Twilight zone, the sci-fi genre is as diverse and entertaining as any genre in movie making.

Predestination is mind bending, thought provoking intersection of science fiction and suspense. It’s a creative, paradoxical thriller that truly epitomizes what makes science fiction fantastic. Starring Ethan Hawke, Sarah Snook , and Noah Taylor, the movie debuted in limited release in early 2015 and after a brief tenure in the theaters it arrived on home video.

Predestination is an enigmatic film, featuring one of the most original sci-fi stories to come to the screen in some time. The film is based on the short story, “All You Zombies”, and really delves into what the sci-fi genre is truly about. There are a lot of time travel stories that focus so much on the time traveling aspect that the essence of the story is lost. However, Predestination has just the right amount of time traveling that it manages to cater to the sci-fi aspect but not distort the story to the point of confusion. This puzzling happenstance implements an offbeat approach to the delivery of the story, and feels heavily influenced by The Outer Limits and The Twilight Zone.

The cast is mainly comprised of three individuals, but really rests on the performance of two of them. Ethan Hawke delivers a masterful performance, one of his best to date and right on par with his performance in Training Day. His multi-layered depiction of John Doe (The Barkeep) coupled with the story makes Predestination almost a must see. Hawke is almost matched in his performance by Sarah Snook. The two are at the core of the film and drive this story from the pages into the screen flawlessly. One of the more ironic aspects of the film is that the two stars are never known by any other names other than John Doe and Jane.

Ask yourself, what came first, the chicken or the egg? After viewing this movie that concept will really stick with you. Predestination really took me by surprise. The trailer piqued my interest but the film is far better than anything the trailers insinuate. It's a story that creates thought and promotes more than just your quick viewership. The film is better than your average paradoxical thriller, and what it may lack in the form of action and drama it makes up for by inducing a thought pricking concept with a splash of high suspense. If you love science fiction then Predestination will be the film for you. It'll leave you questioning what you saw for hours afterwards.

Da’Mon is a writer and artist, a graduate of Coppin State University and an avid, life-long lover of film. Da'Mon has been actively writing movie reviews since 2011. Check out more of his work at, where he has published over 400 reviews. Visit his Blog and follow him on Twitter.  

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