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This Week In DOCTOR WHO History: August 30th to September 5th

Wahey! The Fourth Doctor returns from his holidays with loads of stories to watch this week in Doctor Who history...

Click on any red text to read our full retrospectives/reviews for that episode. All dates and viewing figures are for UK premier broadcasts unless otherwise stated.

August 30th
It's a veritable Fourth Doctor bonanza this week in Doctor Who history, with part one of Terror of the Zygons kicking things off back in 1975. 8.4 million viewers tuned into that adventure, which was 2.5 million more than the opening episode of The Leisure Hive achieved in 1980. I blame the seaside shenanigans!

Then, moving forward to 2002 and the fifth episode of the Doctor Who webcast Real Time was available to watch from 12:00pm. Starring Colin Baker as the Sixth Doctor, and featuring the Cybermen, you can view the whole thing here.

But wait, we're not done yet, as the Twelfth and current Doctor had to venture Into The Dalek this time last year, and 7.29 million of you watched him do so!

August 31st
All by itself today, episode 4 of The Dominators was broadcast in 1968 at 5:14pm, and watched by 7.5 million viewers.

September 1st
It's a Dalek bonanza today - if two stories equal a bonanza (it does in my book - especially considering that this time last month we only had two Doctor Who stories broadcast in the entire week!). Our first pepper-pot adventure sees the Fourth Doctor face the Destiny of the Daleks. The opening episode of 1979's Season 17 was broadcast at 6:13pm, and it was watched by an enormous 13.00 million viewers! Beat that Matt Smith. Oh, you can't. Still, on this day in 2012 Asylum of the Daleks drew a very respectable 8.33 million viewers.Well done mate, well done.

September 2nd
The things you'll find in the Lidl freezer section, eh? Don't open that door, it's The Tomb of the Cybermen. Episode 1 of which was broadcast in 1967 and watched by 6 million viewers. Then we have another Fourth Doctor adventure beginning, and this time it's 1978s Ribos Operation. Part One watched by 8.30 million viewers.

Finally on this day we have the ninth and penultimate installment of Torchwood: Miracle Day. Entitled The Gathering, it was broadcast in 2011 and watched by 4.63 million viewers, who at this point likely just felt they had to see it through to the end!

September 3rd
"And that's where I dropped my Jelly Babies...."

More from the Fourth, as Season 15 of Doctor Who gets underway with part one of Horror of Fang Rock, broadcast in 1977 to an audience of 6.8 million viewers. Then, in 1993 the second part of the Third Doctor radio adventure The Paradise Of Death was broadcast BBC Radio 5. Back to the TV screen for some Night Terrors, which in 2011 drew an audience of 7.07 million.

September 4th
Ah, Season 14, you spectacular year you. Shall we get you underway today? OK then, we'll zoom back to 1976 and kick off with part one of The Masque of Mandragora. 8.3 million people were sitting comfortably.

September 5th
And we are almost done for another week, but we mustn't forget the First. Season 1 was almost at an end, having begun over 9 months earlier! Honestly, these modern day Doctors don't know how easy they have it! The penultimate installment of the 1964 pure historical adventure The Reign Of Terror, titled A Bargain of Necessity, was broadcast at 5:31pm to an audience of 6.9 million viewers.

Did you watch any of these adventures live? Let us know in the comments below, we'd love to here your memories of them.

Until next Sunday...

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