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FEAR THE WALKING DEAD Episode's 1-3 Review

Raff has no fear!

So the plan was that I would write a review after the first episode of Fear The Walking Dead aired, but I discovered that I did not have enough information. Even though I enjoyed the premiere immensely, I realized that I did not connect with any of the characters. I knew some information about each of them, but I did not know their names. Also, this might have just been me but I just didn’t like anyone in particular!

Now, this show was always going to get compared to The Walking Dead, a lot, but in the pilot for the original series I knew that I was a Rick fan within the first 20-minutes. Then I knew that I liked Daryl, but with Fear I didn’t really like anyone. I tell a lie, I liked the kid that tried to sneak the knife into school, but he is not a main character so far.

What I did like about the first episode though was that it was different to its predecessor, even though it is canon. It's suspenseful and scary, and at some points in the episode I did actually think that this could be a lot better than the parent show.

In the beginning, you just see people getting ‘sick’ and there is a rise in police shootings, but other than that you might not think that there could be zombies, as people are going about their daily lives. However, kids started staying off school and things quickly go to hell.

What surprised me was how true to life this show is. I imagine this is how it would happen if the zombie apocalypse really took place. Even though this we live in a modern world, it would take a week and then it would be every man for themselves.

In the first episode you don’t actually see many walkers at all. You see police shootings and pockets of madness but you don’t immediately know that these are walkers, at least until the very last scene. Some reviewers have criticized this episode for this reason, but I applaud the writers for building suspense and keeping me on the edge of my seat.

The second episode is when L.A. falls. This installment was full of action, as the apocalypse truly begins. Ever since I started with this universe I have wanted to see how it begins and I have not been disappointed. What I will say is, that even though you are at the beginning, don’t expect to know what caused the virus just yet. Plus, you don’t actually see patient x, you just see the virus taking hold of L.A.

I did enjoy the second episode a lot more than the first because it seemed a lot quicker in pace and you got to know more characters. But I did not enjoy having to wait 2 weeks for the 3rd episode!

Let’s Leave for the…..Desert??

The third episode was my favourite so far. It had action, character development and we got to see the walkers more closely. We were also introduced to the main moral struggle that these characters are going to have. Travis struggles with the morality of killing the walkers when there is still a chance that they could be cured. I did think that this was a bit na├»ve of him - but they don’t know what we know.

When the group decided to leave for the desert I thought we were straight into the characters travelling across country, just like Rick and his group, but there was one last twist which I thought was very refreshing.

Our characters now think the virus has been stopped in its tracks, but we know the truth, and so does Daniel. He seems to be the voice of reason at this point and he might be the one that I would want to be tethered to should this ever happen in real life.

Overall, based on the first three episodes I would give Fear The Walking Dead an 8/10, because I do think that it is a welcome addition to a canon that includes books, comics, video games and TV shows. I am looking forward to next week’s episode, but I think it is about time we had a death in the group. I know, I am morbid, but everyone can’t survive. In The Walking Dead, no one is safe!

Check out the promo for episode 4! Looks like our group are in a little bit more danger than they first thought:

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