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...And he's bringing Donna Noble along for a new series of Big Finish adventures.

Update: Oct 26th

Big Finish have finally announced the news. It's official, David Tennant is returning as the Tenth Doctor alongside Catherine Tate as his companion Donna Noble in three Doctor Who Audio Dramas!

David Tennant portrayed the Doctor on screen from 2005 until 1 January 2010, returning to play alongside Matt Smith and John Hurt in the 50th Anniversary special The Day of the Doctor in 2013. Catherine Tate made her debut as Donna in December 2006, and after a series and two festive specials she made her last appearance alongside David on 1 January 2010. Their on-screen partnership is generally regarded as one of the great high-points of the enduring science fiction phenomenon.
'I still remember the sense of joy I had when I heard that David had been asked to play the Doctor,' says Big Finish executive producer Jason Haigh-Ellery. 'We were all so pleased for him — as we knew how much Doctor Who meant to him. And now David comes full circle, back doing Doctor Who with Big Finish — except that this time he’s playing the Doctor! It’s the same but different — it’s wonderful to have him back!'
The series opens with Doctor Who – The Tenth Doctor Adventures: Technophobia by Matt Fitton, which is set in a London slightly in the future, where mankind is gradually losing its ability to use everyday technology. Could there be an evil force at work?

In Doctor Who – The Tenth Doctor Adventures: Time Reaver by Jenny T Colgan the Doctor and Donna arrive on Calibris - ‘An entirely mechanical planet. Catch, hitch, fuel, fix, buy, pretty much any kind of transportation in existence.’ It’s also a world full of scoundrels, where a deadly black market has opened up in a device known only as the Time Reaver.

Update Nov 18th: And here's a preview of Tennant and Tate in Time Reaver...

Finally, in Doctor Who – The Tenth Doctor Adventures: Death and the Queen by James Goss, Donna is swept along in a fairytale romance and meets the man of her dreams in the beautiful land of Goritania. What can possibly go wrong? And why has the Doctor never heard of Goritania?
'I’ve enjoyed working with all the Doctors on TV, but David is the only one I’d known before he became the Doctor,' says executive producer Nicholas Briggs. 'I’d worked with him on our Dalek Empire series for Big Finish and had such fun. So along with the excitement of directing new Tenth Doctor adventures, I’m so happy to be working with an old chum again.'
Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor Adventures is produced by David Richardson, script edited by Matt Fitton and James Goss and directed by Nicholas Briggs.
'This is one of those dream projects where I’ve spent months pinching myself. I’m covered in bruises,’ says David. ‘With two major international stars in place, and the legacy of this era of the TV show to live up to, we’ve worked our socks off to try and make some very special stories for this box set. Expect adventure, fun, scares... and some tears too.'
Doctor Who – The Tenth Doctor Adventures will be released in May 2016 - exclusively on the Big Finish website. Each of the three titles are available to pre-order separately today for just £10.99 on CD or £8.99 to download. A bundle of all three titles is also available for £25 on CD and £22 to download!

All three stories are also available in the Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor Adventures Volume 1 – Limited Edition set. Limited to just 5,000 copies and available exclusively from bigfinish.com, and the lavish book-sized box set includes exclusive artwork, photography, articles and a one-hour documentary featuring interviews with the stars and production team. You can pre-order the set today at the special price of £30 on CD or £25 to download – offering a £5 discount against the standard price!!

Our original story from Sept 23rd follows...

Here at WarpedFactor we are HUGE fans of Big Finish and their continued marvelous output. Since July 1999 their monthly range, and additional releases, have provided countless brilliant audio adventures featuring Classic Doctors, companions and characters. They've given us stories we could only dream of seeing on screen, and allowed certain poorly treated Doctors to show their full potential.

Earlier this year it was announced that the company had finally secured the rights to produce audio adventures featuring New Series characters, including Kate Lethbridge-Stewart, River Song, Strax, Weeping Angels, Torchwood, etc - but we didn't see this one coming.

BlogtorWho has reported that David Tennant and Catherine Tate will reunite as the Tenth Doctor and Donna Noble for Big Finish.
"The pair have signed up to recreate their roles for audio in a series due for release in 2016. Blogtor understands the scripts are ready to go and will be recorded when David and Catherine's schedules permit."
Big Finish declined to comment, I'm predicting it's because they're busy looking for a new warehouse to cope with demand for these titles!

Hopefully having the Tenth Doctor on board will draw in a new audience who have yet to give the official audio adventures a try. And, as seems to be the experience with many listeners (myself included), after just one Big Finish story you find yourself hooked.

Well played Big Finish, well played.

Is this a great time to be a Doctor Who fan or what?

Source: BlogtorWho

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