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That Time Jeff Goldblum Just Couldn't Find A Jacket To Fit

Geek Dave has a death wish...

There are so many worse places to begin your acting career than in the 1974 Charles Bronson movie Death Wish.

For instance, see that street mugger down there on the right?...

That was 20 year old Denzel Washington. Yes, Death Wish was Denzel's acting debut. He had no lines and was dead in under a minute, but still, not a terrible way to get your career going (if you ignore the obvious stereotypical 1970s black man cast as a mugger scenario that is!).

But we're not here to look at Denzel's past today. Nope. Death Wish also gave us the first movie role of one Mr Jeff Goldblum...

Whereas Denzel's role was quite a small scene, the Goldblum has an especially crucial part as he plays one of the young hoods who terrorize Bronson's family. Here he is up to no good...

"Oh, yeah. Oooh, ahhh, that's how it always starts. Then later there's running and um, screaming."

22 Year old Goldblum's character is called 'Freak #1' (which is pretty descriptive of Goldblum I guess), and naturally he's brilliant in the role. But the whole thing is undercut by the fact that wardrobe couldn't find a jacket to fit the 6' 4" Tall Guy properly. It's waaaay too small for his arms! And since it was first pointed out to me that is all I ever see when watching the film.

"Guys, check the closet. See if they have a 42 long."

And now you will too.

UPDATE: Dec 22nd 2016 - Correction to the above article, as although the appearance of Denzel Washington in Death Wish was listed on multiple sites, including IMDB, where it had been given as common knowledge for many years, the actor has just gone on record to say it's not him!

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