That Time Quentin Tarantino Was In The Golden Girls

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As we continue our week long look into embarrassing moments stars would rather likely forget, let's turn to a man who's responsible for some of my favourite movies. Mr Quentin Tarantino.

Four years before Reservoir Dogs, a 25 year old Tarantino appeared as an Elvis impersonator on a 1988 episode of The Golden Girls. Honestly.

From about 4:40 onwards. Tarantino, third from left, back row....

Interviewed in 1994 for Playboy, Tarantino recalled the experience:
"Well, it was kind of a high point because it was one of the few times that I actually got hired for a job. I was one of 12 Elvis impersonators, really just a glorified extra. For some reason they had us sing Don Ho's Hawaiian Love Chant. All the other Elvis impersonators wore Vegas-style jumpsuits. But I wore my own clothes, because I was, like, the Sun Records Elvis. I was the hillbilly cat Elvis. I was the real Elvis; everyone else was Elvis after he sold out."
Yes, it "was kind of a high point". After that Pulp Fiction must have been a huge disappointment!

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