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Doctor Who: An Awakening of Peter Capaldi

Stacy Embry is the voice of the people. Sort of.

From breaking the fourth wall at the the start of Before the Flood by telling the viewer to google "bootstrap paradox", then right through to the end smirk, Peter Capaldi just supplanted Christopher Eccleston in my list of favorite new-Who Doctors. I still prefer the eleventh incarnation, but now it's 11-12-9-10. I am thrilled with him and see why he was the only choice to take over the TARDIS.

I could dissect the moldy holes in Under The Lake/Before The Flood by exploring the weak plot issues consistent throughout the start of series nine, or go after the effects or boring music that permeate the score, but if I go into those details, you will miss my point.

My point is... Capaldi is burning up the screen and is a must see.

Mr. Capaldi's awakening in the role came during the last third of series eight, but it felt too little too late. Series nine began by being uncomfortably wordy whilst enduring low-production values, and it felt like a waste of his time. That is it did UNTIL I was given the chance to really focus on the Twelfth incarnation of the Doctor. When I quit looking for a story, and just enjoyed Capaldi, my fists loosened and my spirit raised.

I am loving his Doctor. Strong, articulate and fully engaged through an amazing, unpredictable and brilliant series of acting choices. I've said before that Capaldi is giving masterclasses in acting, and now, thankfully, his unique tone is starting to really be heard.

The energy, smarmy know-it-all, brilliant scientist and pathologically sociopathic loner are here. In addition there is a new grace in movement - a notable vigor that comes from a man who is clearly enjoying this opportunity. We owe it to this Doctor to see him fully thrive. He deserves plots, effects and scripts that match his talent and make Doctor Who a must see.

Personally, I have great hope for The Girl Who Died - at least the scope of the cinematography looks more complete and the music sounds more original. But it's the long term future that is troubling right now. Tumbling ratings, reports of "rebooting Doctor Who with a new cast", the uncertainty of what 2016 may or may not bring and the lack of confirmation of the who/what/when for series 10.

So I am begging - Moffat, Gatiss, the BBC, some random politician, anyone who can affect the future of this show, please give Peter Capaldi his due. Please, NO hiatus, NO reduction of stories, NO REGENERATION. Capaldi is emerged in the role, to take that from him now would be short-sighted. He is giving us his all and we can feel it.

"Here. Now. This is where your story ends..." Twelve said to the Fisher King.

But we can not allow that to be said to Peter Capaldi at the end of series nine. On that, surely we must all agree?

Risk-averse, Stacy would not even enter the TARDIS in case it suddenly set to motion. Yet, gentle reader, she feels compelled to clarify that she writes opinion or editorial pieces. By using logic and reasoning, she always hopes to coherently provoke honest discourse.

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