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ARROW Season 4 Episode 5 Review: Haunted

Margot Hitchcock is haunted by this weeks episode of Arrow...

If this latest episode of Arrow were to haunt me until next week … I would be okay with that. Our favorite hooded archer keeps us on our toes by talking politics, exposing secrets, & bringing in some excellent back-up. Let's relive it together, shall we?

How wonderful that the political aspect of this show conveniently aligns with American elections this past Tuesday, as well as the momentum of the upcoming 2016 US Presidential election. This was, of course, no accident, and I for one very much enjoyed the insinuation – well, more like direct hit – that political battles are more social than issue-based. (Nicely done, smug yet sexy political campaign helper-outer. I was more excited with your idea of distancing ourselves from Laurel, but we all knew that would be a short-lived dream. Too bad. I'd have voted a hard YES for that motion.)

Among other things I'd vote for, can we all take a moment to appreciate how much Damien Darhk is winning at all the things that make someone awesome? Serial-killer tendencies aside, this guy possesses suave, style & enough sass to keep us wanting more. How do you do it, DD? I guess I'm beginning to better understand how Capt. Lance was pulled in by this guy … sort of.

Side note: I was CACKLING at the moment between Diggle & Quentin where “H.I.V.E. had my brother killed,” was met with “(pause) I'm sorry.” He may as well have added a “And …?” in there.

While I still stand by the idea that anyone offering “under the table” assistance in the form of cash & resources should probably be red flagged rather than labeled “a concerned citizen,” Damien definitely has a way with words and spunky quips that could cast a spell on even the most skeptical. Perhaps there's more magic to him than the “piss me off and I'll off you” power.

Speaking of magic …

Raise your hand if you're officially a fan of Constantine now (Yes, Matt Ryan, we all are, too)! While I didn't follow the single-season show during it's debut last year, I am definitely wanting more of this charismatic & easy-going guy in my life (aka we know what show I'll be binge-watching this weekend while I paint my bathroom – wow, Margot, what an adventurous & thrilling life you do lead). Ryan is a great addition to this episode, and not simply because he “conveniently” offers the audience a way to bring Sara back to her normal self so we can “conveniently” give Laurel yet another break. ::shakes head::

Before I get onto that spiel – and don't worry, it's coming – please join me in hoping that our favorite carefree sorcerer (are the kids still calling them “sorcerers” these days?) shows up again later in the season. While this episode clearly sets it up as a “one time thing,” you never know, right? And anyone who brings a little Indiana Jones to the Arrow set is a friend of mine. (Did anyone else get deja vu w/the Hidden Temple dagger moment? That or a throwback to Aladdin.)
Constantine's wit and relaxed air offer a nice alternative to Oli's brooding business-only attitude, not to mention I wanted to high-five Matt Ryan for the BRILLIANT eye roll he gives Laurel in the Team Arrow lair (apparently, he's famous for these). I have a giddy feeling he would not have put up so patiently with Laurel the way Oli has, and I sincerely and deeply respect that.

Speaking of the girl who refuses to admit she did anything wrong:

Who? Me?

Warning: Rant to Follow. ---

Let me start by saying I am not hating on Katie Cassidy. You work with the character you're given, true? Sporting a demeanor made famous by her emotionally-driven father, Laurel seems to have inherited that annoyingly detrimental Lance disposition that means whining way too much and refusing to accept blame. Maybe she should be the politician. While I understand that she's having to witness first-hand the unfortunate repercussions of bringing Sara back to life, I do NOT accept her argument that the solution is for everyone to worry about her for a change.

… Seriously? Oliver tells you people are dead because of something you did and your response is, “Why doesn't anybody care about me?” I can't.

The fact that her father – the originator of the angsty pout – even calls her out should be a pretty clear wake-up call. Yet rather than paying attention to the ringing bells around her, Laurel's retaliation is to throw shade on others' past mistakes. In this light, she's fully justified in feeling as though she's “not an equal” on Team Arrow. Because she isn't an equal. While everyone else feels badly about their mistakes, Laurel fails to accept that she can admit defeat and still come out alive. Please ... grow up.

#micdrop And, I'm out.

Okay – all that aside – this episode offered a lot of great action sequences, as well as pushing the season's plot along nicely. I can't WAIT to bring back Ray & Sara, mostly because it means we're one step closer to Legends.

Margot is a huge supporter of all things relating to "nerd culture," in particular those involving superheroes and Disney. She loves books, movies, music and working out, and currently lives in Athens, GA, with her rabbit, Gigi.

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