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Doctor Who: Ten Best Moments From THE ZYGON INVASION

Nicholas Brent counts down the ten best moments from The Zygon Invasion.

Ah Peter Harness! You have redeemed yourself and I can forgive you for Kill The Moon! This story, providing the second part holds up, might just be my favourite of Series 9 and possibly my favourite Capaldi story so far. Unlike last week there are so many potential options for ten of the best moments, and to be honest, they can come in any order.

Episode spoilers will follow

10. Hybrids
“I am Human and Zygon.”
“Like a Hybrid.”
I think it’s safe to say that this is Series 9’s story arc, alongside the Doctor’s confession. I’m intrigued as to where they will take it and what it will actually mean in the future. What have we had now in terms of hybrids? Daleks & Time Lords, Vikings & The Mire and Zygons and Humans. Whether these will all play a part in the culmination of the story arc, or whether they are just there to remind the viewers that something is coming, is unclear, however, it’s very interesting none the less.

9. Colonel Walsh
Ah, I love Rebecca Front! She was brilliant as the no nonsense Colonel Walsh; a complete juxtaposition to ‘glummy mummy’ Nicola Murray (her character in The Thick of It). It was brilliant to see both Front and Capaldi on screen together, something which I felt was lacking when Chris Addison was cast as Seb in Series 8. Now all I need is Joanna Scanlan to have a guest role and I’ll be happy.

8. Kate Stewart
It’s always great to see Kate Stewart back. After no more than a glorified cameo in The Magician’s Apprentice and having been somewhat wasted in Death in Heaven, I was pleased to see her playing a bigger role in the story, and what I was most relieved about was that she didn’t rattle on about being the Brigadier’s daughter. I love the Brigadier as much as the next Whovian but it was getting a bit much.

I suppose I should quickly say that I think Jac (Jaye Griffiths) is great! She’s got a brilliant bubbly personality.

7. Murray Gold’s Score
When I said that the last two episodes might have had the best score of the series, I lied. This episode does. It’s perfect. It captures the style and sheer scale of the episode perfectly. My favourite piece however happens to be the one above. We’ll come onto the scene in question shortly but it was such an amazing piece of music; I’ve had it on repeat all afternoon!

6. The Scale of It All
This episode was big. It honestly did feel like it could have been part one of a finale! I don’t know whether it’s just because I’m dosed up on James Bond right now, but, for me, The Zygon Invasion was pretty much Doctor Who meets James Bond. The various locations ranging from London, U.K, to Truth or Consequences, New Mexico (which I was surprised to see is a real place) and to Turmezistan (which definitely isn’t real) combined with Daniel Nettheim’s direction and Gold’s diverse score made it feel suitably epic. It was particularly nice to have actual American actors in this episode rather than a Brit struggling to put on a faux accent.

5. Osgood
Ah, I love Osgood… even if in previous episodes she has really been no more than a stereotypical fan girl. But here, like with Kate, Harness moves away from that, and whilst there is a brief mention of her’s and the Doctor’s choice of clothing, she has a more pivotal role in the story and is more fleshed out as a character.

4. Let Zygons Be Zygons 
I’ve used ‘I love’ to start two different points now so I need to think of something different to say, but I do love the Zygons! Great big blobby monsters, exactly what Doctor Who should be about! Character pieces are great but you can’t beat a good old invasion story with a great monster. It’s brilliant to finally be returning to the plot thread that was left dangling in The Day of The Doctor.

3. The Doctor
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Capaldi is perfect in the role; he has made it completely his own. I noticed that there was a lot more humour injected into his dialogue and performance in this episode, and that might just be Harness’ doing, but I am starting to wondering it’s a facade on the Doctor’s part because he is aware or can sense something happening in the near future… again, this all plays a part in the story of the Doctor’s confession dial.

2. Clara is Zygon With a Bazooka
“I'm sorry, but Clara's dead. Kate Stewart is dead, the UNIT troops are all dead. Truth or consequences.”
Okay, a few friends and I saw this coming from a mile off, but it was still an excellent cliffhanger! Apart from the scene where she witnesses the young boy being carried away screaming and does nothing about it, they didn’t allude to Clara being a Zygon at all, which I think added to the shock factor. My one problem with this is Bonnie… I’m not sure that name suits a Zygon…

1. I’m Your Mother
“You are, you're going to kill me. I love you. I forgive you and I love you.”
Wow! This scene actually had me on the edge of my seat which isn’t something Doctor Who does very often. As I mentioned further up, the music here was perfect and it had me holding my breath, actually unsure of whether or not they were Zygon or human. This probably makes me sound a bit sadistic but I think it would have been really good if the soldiers had shot them, thinking they were Zygons, but they turned out to be actual civilians. I suspect that would have been a bit too dark for Doctor Who though, eh? Probably something best saved for Torchwood.

Honourable Mention: Hartnell Cameo
Always love a small reference to the past.

Honourable Mention 2: Question Mark Underpants
“Makes one wonder what the question is.”
Yup… Need I say any more?

There are so many more points I could add to this list! Well done Mr Harness, this could quite possibly be my favourite of the series. Just don’t let us down next week.

What did you think of The Zygon Invasion?

Nick is a 2000 year old alien who travels through time and space, saving the good and conquering the evil... or so he likes to think.

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