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DC's LEGENDS OF TOMORROW Episode 4 Review: White Knights

Boba Fett, Top Gun, Rocky IV... let's count the references in this weeks episode of Legends...

We're back in 1986, or forward I guess, being that the Legends left 1975 for this weeks Cold War adventure. There's a Pentagon heist to kick off proceedings, before we hop over the Iron Curtain to encounter some Ruskies and their dastardly plan.

As well as the main thread, which focuses on stopping Vandal Savage's new protege from developing an army of Firestorms, there are a couple of other story-lines going on throughout White Knights. The 'we're staying on the Waverider this week' thread involves Sara and Kendra. Rip tasks White Canary with training Hawk Girl to control her inner warrior. Caity Lotz may have also given Ciara Renée some acting lessons as for the first week so far I didn't totally cringe at Renée's performance. Keep at it and we'll make an actress of you yet!

Whilst the girls are fighting and bonding, but mainly fighting, Rip's off to meet Time Master Druce who has an offer for him - a full pardon for Rip if he goes with him back to the future and a return to 2016 for the rest of the Legends with minimal harm done to the timeline. Honestly, I don't get why Rip thought about it for even a minute, after all if he took the deal Savage would still be alive, his wife and child still unavenged and the future of the world would still be looking grim. It didn't matter anyway as it all turned out to be a trap as Druce was teaming up with Boba Fett wannabe Chronos to kill them all! Fortunately Rip's brought back up. Unfortunately it doesn't go quite as smoothly as all the Legends would've liked...

But the main thread was where the real action was at, and it was brilliant. The Legends learn that Savage has a young Russian scientist by the name of Valentina Vostok working for him. They deduce that she likely doesn't know that Savage is a bad guy intent on global domination, so after swallowing a smart little ingestable translator Ray Palmer heads off to the ballet to appeal to her scientific side and find out exactly what Savage has her working on. Palmer strikes out, but never fear, Captain Cold is here. Snart gets the girl, he gets her laboratory key-card, and whilst he's at it he pilfers her wallet!

This show is so being owned by Dominic Purcell and Wentworth Miller. Miller's portrayal of Leonard Snart is constantly a joy to both watch and listen to. I don't know where his delivery comes from but it's inspired, it's cheesy as hell but so good at the same time. He's ever so slightly bested in this episode by Purcell, who is totally in his element and clearly loving it. Mick Rory is very much an 80s-style meathead and so stick him in Russia circa 1986 and he's naturally going to own the screen. Rory is king of the one-liners, and along with Snart they are getting all the best dialogue.

White Knights leaves us with a great cliffhanger. After Martin Stein berates Jax for his youthful recklessness (because he just cares so damn much), the elder half of Firehawk takes it upon himself to do some lab reconnaissance and discovers a nuclear therma core. What goes down next can be chalked up as a partial success. Stein absorbs the core's energy, so Snart can take it away safely, but, along with Ray Palmer and Mick Rory, Stein is captured by Vostok and her heavies. Turns out she was quite aware of Savage's plans and is on board with the whole global domination thing. Those pesky Ruskies!

So with three of the Legends banged up in an impenetrable Russian penitentiary, it would be handy if they had someone back on the Waverider with some Prison Break experience....

White Knights was action packed, funny, and easily the best episode of Legends of Tomorrow so far. I loved it!

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