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Geek Couples: Myka and Pete

Gail Williams kicks off our annual Valentine's week feature, Geek Couples, with a Warehouse 13 full of love...

Myka Bering is a member of the United States Secret Service who takes her job very seriously. She’s a bit of a control freak, something that Pete Lattimer most definitely is not, nor something he particularly likes. Not surprisingly, they butt heads when they first work together at a VIP exhibition in Washington DC. He’s not impressed that she’s changed his code names, she’s not impressed with pretty much anything Pete does.

As anyone who watches Warehouse 13 will know despite this rocky start Myka and Pete are soon working together. They blend quickly and well, Myka is all about procedure, and facts. She dots every i and crosses every t. Pete’s more a go-with-the-flow kind of guy, he gets vibes, instinctively knows when something is off, when someone is causing issues. If they could find a way to work together they were going to be a powerful team. Which of course, they were.

Myka has a couple of love interests of note. Her big relationship was Sam, her ex-partner who got shot on her watch before we met her. That, understandably, left her with some baggage to deal with. Finding out that her inability to save Sam was the result of an artefact did relieve her of some of the guilt and allow her to move on.

The more interesting relationship for Myka was the one she had with Helena, otherwise known as HG Wells. What’s interesting here is that while nothing happened, they were as close as two people can get, that was why Helena’s betrayal hit Myka so hard.

Pete is a bit of a puppy dog, he appears to be all surface and fierce loyalty, though of course there’s more to him than that. His first apparent romance is with Kelly, the vet. These pair instantly react against one another, but pretty soon it turns around and they are a couple. It’s also true that Myka then gets rather upset to find out that Pete loves Kelly. Not that the relationship between Pete and Kelly lasts long.

Kelly is, however, the lead into a very telling episode when in “Savage Seduction” Myka and Pete end up in a Latino telenovela as love interests who turn out to be half-brother and sister, with Artie as their dad. And that for a long time is analogous with the relationship between Myke and Pete. Platonic. Almost sibling-like.

Of course we all know Pete’s one true love - cookies.

But that’s kind of being unfair to Pete. That’s easy to do with him, because he relies on his ‘vibes’ and he’s very relaxed and easy. This doesn’t change the fact that he really does care very deeply about his friends and there is nothing he wouldn’t do for any of them.

So Myka and Pete both have a recognisable route to relationships. Myka’s relationship with HG shows that what appears to be the blueprint for getting close to Myka is be her friend. Pete’s dalliance with Kelly similarly illustrates that he likes the instant spark, even if to start with it is negative. Don’t forget, Myka and Pete didn’t like one another to start with, and then by working together, they slowly become friends.

Of course there are signs of the growing connection between Myka and Pete throughout the series, one of the oddest, is that when he gets his hand on a wish granting artefact, without even knowing what he’s got, Pete wishes Myka were having his baby - and bam she’s in her third trimester. Interestingly, despite the shock, Myka doesn’t exactly object to the idea.

There are a number of encounters that help develop the closeness between the pair. There are distinct parallels for Myka and Pete with previous Warehouse 13 staff memebers, Rebecca St Clair and Daniel Donaldson, whose lives and investigations Myka and Pete overlap with. Then there are Secret Service couple Elise and Ted, who Myka and Pete initially think are turncoats, when the truth is, they were just secretly getting married. It’s even said that Elise and Ted assumed that Myka and Pete were in the same situation, but there’s a lot of denial still going on between this couple.

It’s no particular surprise that Pete is the first to expose the true depth of his feelings for Myka, but not to Myka, oh no. I mean, why would you tell the woman you love that you love her? No, he turns to the human lie detector that is Steve Jinks (Love Jinkie! So cute! So gay!) and says that he loves Myka. Both are a bit overly excited to find out that Pete’s not lying. But naturally, Pete being Pete, he’s not about to say anything to Myka.

The end of the story is an interesting tale, “Endless” is the clips show that never was. These clips are, for the most part specially filmed stories, with the exception of Pete’s memories. The point of “Endless” was for each of the team to share their defining moment working at Warehouse 13. The reason Pete didn’t get his own special clip is because for him every moment had been equally special, which is why he storms away in a sulk at how easily everyone else seems to be giving up on the Warehouse. He really is the pack animal of the group, or maybe the shepherd.

What’s amusing is Myka’s defining moment.She is facing down five female ninja’s when Pete comes in to help fight them off. Of course, the good guys win, the last ninja going out via the window. That’s when Myka looks at Pete and realises she’s in love with him. Despite the terrible wig that wasn’t fooling anyone at that stage. Her look is kinda goofy, but so sweet too. No surprise, Pete didn’t notice at the time and wasn’t around to see the Warehouse capture the moment either.

That of course isn’t the end of the story. Each now knew that they were in love with the other, but neither had said anything to the other. Finally Myka decides to make the last connection, but Pete’s so busy worrying about the breakup of Warehouse 13, he’s not listening. So Myka does the only thing she can. She grabs him and kisses him. Well that at least it stops the complaints.

Of course, we know that Warehouse 13 doesn’t close because Claudia at some point takes over from Mrs Frederick. From that, I choose to imagine that somehow Myka and Pete made their relationship work. In the beginning, Myka and Pete didn’t want to work together, they certainly didn’t want to work at Warehouse 13, but lucky for them, and the watching fans, Fate had other ideas and brought them together. Or maybe it was Mrs Frederick. Maybe Mrs Frederick and Fate are the same thing… okay now that’s a scary thought.

Gail Williams lives in her own private dungeon populated with all the weird and the wonderful she can imagine. Some of it’s very weird, and the odd bits and pieces are a bit wonderful. Well okay, she lives in Swansea with her husband and daughter. And the world’s most demanding cat. To find out more about Gail, check out - Dare you!

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