That Time Jack Black Got Really Really Excited About Pitfall

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Geek Dave swings over the crocodile pit.

Back in the 80's I know how excited I used to get over a new game for my Atari, Spectrum, NES, or whatever the platform of choice was at the time, but I never quite got as super-bog-eyed-excited as Jack Black got himself over the adventures of Pitfall Harry.

It was 1982 and 13 year old Jack Black’s first acting job was for Atari. Here he is, rocking a safari hat and totally earning his money but getting across his intense love for the jungle-crossing video game Pitfall....

Aside from Black's intensity, you know what I find really interesting about this commercial? It's that it actually namechecks the creator of the game - David Crane. When was the last time that ever happened in a video game commercial? Sure, the studio gets namechecked (like Rock Star etc), but never an individual. Times have changed a lot!

Catch Jack Black in Goosebumps, which finally opens in UK cinemas this Friday, February 5th.

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