New Doctor Who Spin-Off Class To Start Filming Next Month, Peter Capaldi To Appear?

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Is the Caretaker is returning to Coal Hill School?

Last October the BBC announced a new Doctor Who spin-off series called Class to be set in Coal Hill School and spearheaded by the acclaimed young adult author Patrick Ness.

Since then new information has been very light although rumours have persisted that Peter Capaldi would be putting in at least one appearance in the series, which makes sense really, he is the Coal Hill School Caretaker after all.

Today the Radio Times revealed that filming on the eight part series will begin in April (a month before filming on Doctor Who series ten gets underway), and while the cast still remains unconfirmed it is understood that Peter Capaldi's Twelfth Doctor will indeed be featured in the spin-off drama.
“It will have a close connection with Doctor Who so don’t be surprised if Peter pops up.”
Said one source close to the production. Don't you just love those 'sources'?

The report also goes on to say that the BBC is undecided about how to show the eight episodes of Class. They have been commissioned for BBC3 so will air online first, but as to if they will be posted on a week-by-week basis or whether the whole series will be 'dropped' at once to allow fans to binge watch the entire first run is still up for discussion. Like all original BBC3 content, Class will eventually find a home on a linear channel, almost certain to be BBC1.

More news on Class as we get it.

Source: Radio Times

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