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Fans Forced To Wait For Game Of Thrones Series 7

Everyone is in agreement that series six of Game of Thrones just might have been the best yet, and we have high hopes as we prepare for series seven. After the wholly depressing adventure of series five, audiences desperately needed something to cheer for. Mercifully, the show drastically turned things around with a crowd-pleasing sixth series that actually provided some fun and positive moments for fans to cheer about for what seemed like the first time in forever.

After the excitement of series six, we can't wait to see what's going to come next—but it looks like we'll be stuck waiting a little longer than usual. It has been revealed that, as opposed to its typical spring slot, fans will be forced to wait until summer for the premier of the next series. And not only will there be a delay in when the latest series will be released, but there will also be fewer episodes.

It's been confirmed that the next season will be shorter than previous outings, only featuring seven episodes compared to the usual ten. This only confirms that the show is indeed winding down and tying up loose ends as it prepares to end with its eighth series. The final series is expected to have the fewest episode count of all of them, with only six. While it's disappointing that there will be less to look forward to, we can find comfort that the show is going for quality rather than quantity. Also, we'd much rather have six incredible, action-packed episodes than be treated to extra filler and boring dialogue. The hardest part will be having to wait until next summer with little to keep us occupied.

When you consider the incredible popularity of the show, it boggles the mind that more hasn't been done to capitalise on this success. This is particularly true when it comes to video games. It's certainly not for lack of an audience, because there's little question that fans are clamoring for a great game encompassing the Song of Ice and Fire series. Despite this, there are very few options available for fans of digital dragons.

There was one game back in 2012 for PS3 and Xbox 360 that tried to go the action role-playing route, but it was met with average reviews. A second attempt at a game, however, found a much warmer welcome. A graphic adventure title developed by Telltale Games (makers of the excellent Walking Dead series) was released in 2014. This time around, the game received very positive reviews. It wove a completely new tale featuring both new and old characters that helped to further expand the rich lore of the franchise. The first season of the episodic adventure wrapped up its sixth episode in November 2015 and fans immediately began calling for more. Thankfully, the game did well enough that Telltale has confirmed it will develop a second season. The thing is, there's been little word since the initial announcement last November.

Either way, fans will be forced to wait longer than usual to get their Thrones fix. Without a game to help pass the time, it could wind up feeling like a very long wait indeed. Thankfully, there are still casual games that allow fans to play with their favourite houses. There's a robust online slot game based on the show that fully immerses gamers in the world of the books. The game asks players to choose between four of the great houses. Each provides different bonuses and play styles, and also features series mainstays such as direwolves, white walkers, three-eyed ravens and, of course, dragons. While not anywhere near as engrossing as the Telltale series, it's still a fun distraction to satisfy Thrones fans as they wait for the latest game and series, whichever comes first.

Either way, next summer can't come soon enough as we wait for Daenerys and her fleet to finally reach the shores of Westeros. If series six is any indication, things are just getting warmed up as we prepare ourselves for the exciting conclusion of A Song of Ice and Fire.

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