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Doctor Who: What Topics Do Students Write About?

Doctor Who, an extraterrestrial Time Lord who changes appearance and personality to fight evil, is an exciting British science-fiction series. It keeps its followers glued to the screen, and if you already enjoy watching Doctor Who’s adventures then it shouldn’t be that hard writing an essay about him.

However, those who are in the dark about Doctor Who may find it more difficult and need to research a bit more. When students get assigned to write about this television series, what are the topics they could explore from the world of Doctor Who?

Uniting aliens with people
Writing about aliens is one of the most intriguing creative writing topics. It's unlike the usual subject matter of favorite holidays and so forth. It offers an in-depth topic and one which when writing from Doctor Who’s perspective makes it even more interesting.

Doctor Who is one the oldest science fiction series' and since it began broadcasting on the BBC in 1963 has depicted efforts of trying to unite the human race with aliens. Students can use this topic to explain how those efforts brought good results or how it could have improved. Though to write about this topic it is better if you have watched the series and have some knowledge because it's a bit advanced.

Although that is true, once you understand the plot of Doctor Who, it will be much easier to write about. On the other hand, if you would like to get a report writing service to help you with that kind of work, you can get one online. The expert writers there can also help you with thesis, term papers, coursework and dissertation writing.

The actors who have played the role of Doctor Who
Doctor Who has had 13 different actors playing the lead character. Each actor has brought a little twist and their own flavor to the series, making it interesting in different ways. So you may choose to write about the people that have played the character of Doctor Who. This is also one of the best creative writing topics for college students.

When writing this topic, you can choose to be elaborate, or be brief, in highlighting about each different actor and what they have brought to the character. Chances are you weren’t alive when the series started on television so you may not know all the actors, here's where a little bit of research is needed.

Alternatively, you could write about only one actor who has played the Doctor and mention what you loved most about them. Share your personal opinion about them and how they made the role of Doctor Who interesting.

Are aliens more dangerous that people?
Quite a lot of television series’ have aliens in their storyline. They are often depicted as scary monsters which may want to conquer or devour us. However, Doctor Who is different from the ordinary alien villains you are accustomed to.

There are, of course, alien villains in the series, but the main character is alien and often shows more compassion than the humans featured. With this writing topic, you can also express your own personal opinion about aliens. Are they really more dangerous for mankind than the trouble people create for themselves?

For those that believe aliens exist, this is by far the best topic they can write about when drawing inspiration from Doctor Who. If you don’t always write, to get used to it, practicing essay writing is the best option for yourself and your grades. Practicing how to write will especially benefit you in college where you are expected to write plenty of essays.

What is the impact of Doctor Who in people’s lives?
Media plays an important role in different people’s lives. Some draw good inspiration from it to do noble deeds, while some learn destructive habits. Even the visuals of a television series can affect the health of some viewers negatively, either by being too bright or having fast pictures that can potentially lead to seizures.

When writing an essay covering this topic, consider all of those types of points and research them intensively. Write about how it has improved or worsened home life environments, and even academic arrangements - if it has at all. Explain the inspiration people can draw from Doctor Who and how they can use what they learn from the series constructively.

Should more television programs like Doctor Who be created? If so, why? And how could it be improved? These are all points you can outline in your essay about Doctor Who.

The bottom line
Writing about a topic that you understand is always easier than writing about something unknown to you. However, if Doctor Who has been assigned to you the topic ideas above can help you come up with a solution on how to write about it.

As the series spans more than 55 years, it isn’t hard to find inspiration and write about it. It can be relatively simple if you commit yourself to research and watching relevant episodes. When writing your essay you are free to voice your opinion about the topic you have chosen. Ideally, that is what you should aim for. Vocalize exactly how you feel about Doctor Who and the surrounding topic you've chosen.

Robert Everett is an academic writer and blogger working for several online writing agencies and some of the best digital publications. In academic arena, his main interest is in business management, technology and science and in blogging, he loves to write about anime, pop culture in the US and international cinema. In his free time, he plays golf, learns drone photography and watches TV.

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