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How to Start an Online Dating Conversation

While you are at the starting stage with getting to know a girl, text messaging is your primary way of communicating. After the first standard messages, the question always arises "what to text a girl to be an interesting interlocutor?" Dating sites like sweety dating have come along to rescue all the wallflowers afraid to approach a girl in real life. Although messaging is less nervous than making a phone call, it also has its own rules and etiquette. We will talk about this too. If you:
  • - do not know what to write to interest the girl;
  • - feel that she grows cold towards you with every message;
  • - are always stuck with the question, "what to write next?";
  • - want her to be excited and want to meet you,
We suggest some powerful things you can start doing right now to ignite the spark and break the ice in a conversation with a girl.

The rules of a perfect ice-breaker
Dating on the Internet begins with correspondence. The simplicity of the phrases contained in the examples below may surprise you. But if you pursue the goal of creating a full circle of women next to you, seeking a complicated way to approach each of them is an unreasonable waste of time and effort. In general, there is no point in coming up with great ice-breakers with mesmerizing words because they look superficial. The simpler, the better, as will be discussed in more detail at the end of this article.

You can come up with a new version of the first phrase each time and use the ice-breaker that is working for you. And it's even better if you do so. Be yourself, but you shouldn't strain your brain too much. Don't write complicated words trying to be a participant in Shakespeare's dialogues, but simply copy and paste the prepared text for many girls (this method is suitable for almost all dating sites and social networks).

You should not treat online dating as a way to choose a girl for a serious relationship. Instead, it is the development of reasonably essential male skills of ease of communication with the opposite sex and gaining self-confidence. Besides, it is categorically not recommended to get attached to easy girls, because you may be disappointed. Do not build castles in the air.

Common reasons for failing the start of a conversation
If you are convinced that there are some magic phrases, it means:
  • -You are gravely mistaken, and it makes sense to pump your skills in the field of seduction.
  • -You are wasting precious time looking for an illusion.
  • -You should get rid of the wrong attitudes.
  • -If you think dating girls is difficult and requires excessive effort, it will be difficult for you.
Getting to know each other is very easy, fun, and exciting. Also, do not forget that the purpose of the correspondence is to make a live appointment and meet in real life. You do not show off your gracefulness and communication skills, but attract the girl so that she wants to see you.

Examples of useful first phrases for a conversation with a girl
If you wrote to the girl, "Hello, how are you?" And in response received simple "Good," "Normal," "Excellent," "Super," it is better not to text her anymore. In the above examples, the girl almost obviously clarified her attitude to you in one response. When a girl uses emojis or answered immediately with a whole sentence — this is a good sign. This is an important indicator of interest in the development of communication.

Appreciate your time, there are many single girls on the Internet. There is no universal phrase that will work for them all. If nevertheless, you are burning with a desire to dispel the gray reality with your wild and vivid imagination, you can start a correspondence with the girl as follows:
  • -"Hello. You have one interesting feature. You seem to be both a serious and cheerful girl. I wonder, what are you really like?"
  • -"Wow, what a beautiful dress! Did you choose it yourself?"
  • -"Hello. Nice necklace! Where did you buy it? I want to make a similar gift to my sister."
  • -"I think we go to the same place to eat. Why don't we join each other next time?"
  • -" Hello. Were your last photos from vacationing taken in Bulgaria? Did you like the trip? Give me an honest review, I'm considering going there too!"
  • -"Hello. Judging by the photo, you are an interesting girl, but I am tormented by one question: won't you object if I invited you to a cinema?"
  • -"Hello. I think you are a cheerful person. I like girls who know how to have fun. Can I join you next time you come up with a wild adventure?"
Online dating with girls is incredible and pretty simple after you gain some experience. If you are a naturally shy person, be yourself, and you will win the heart of your perfect match.

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