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Real Life Sports And Games That Make For Great Online Reincarnations

As we all know, gaming usually equates to fun (unless the sometimes inevitable family drama breaks out playing Cluedo over the holidays!).

It therefore comes as little surprise that sports and gaming, thanks in large part to the proliferation of the web and smartphones, is now one of the biggest and fastest-growing markets in the world, with revenue generated by mobile gaming alone estimated at around $40bn last year.

At the heart of this growth is online gaming experiences such as PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and Fortnite. These two immersive and accessible titles generated over $3.5 billion alone in 2018, as players increasingly turn to competitive and freemium games on a daily basis.

In most cases, however, the popularity of a game relies on its theme and initial inspiration. In this post, we’ll look at which real-life games and sports translate into the best video games.

Formula 1
We’ll start with Formula 1, which has inspired a number of titles across more than eight generations of video game consoles.

But why exactly are Formula 1 games so popular? The main reason is their first-person nature, as players can get to feel as though they’re behind the wheel of a high-powered sports car and compete in some of the world’s most exotic locations.

Both PlayStation and Xbox have created some superb titles throughout the years, with the F1 video game franchise boasting incredible graphics, immersive audio and genuinely authentic gameplay.

Thanks to suburb investments in the in-play experience and dealer support, magnificent graphics enhancements that bring the casino floor to life, plus the best free casino offers and promotions ever been made available, the online gambling market has experienced some monumental changes over the course of recent months and years- not least in the US where some States have legalised betting on the go in what has been an unprecedented move.

We’ve also seen the iGaming market evolve to bridge the once sizeable gap between corporeal and online gameplay, with virtual platforms now increasingly authentic and set in a realistic, three-dimensional environment.

We’ve always been drawn in by the allure of Vegas’ bright lights but these changes have created a versatile and engaging online gaming sector, and one that enables contemporary players to enjoy an immersive and real-time experience from the comfort of their own home. (I bet they didn’t think that casino would come to them when watching many Vegas classics like De Niro and Pesci’s ‘95 hit movie).

With the emergence of virtual reality and the world’s fist VR slots becoming available, online casino games are only going to become more authentic and life-like in the near-term!

You’ll have to hear us out on this one; as fishing is hardly the type of high-octane past-time that typically translates well in the world of video gaming.

However, fishing games typically boast simple but incredibly effective graphics, whilst they can also capture the intense thrill and excitement that fishermen enjoy when they’re down by the riverside.

Not only this, but virtual fishing almost guarantees that you’ll land some impressive bites, rather then spending the entire day out in the cold without landing a single catch!

Games such as Rapala Fishing capture the various techniques required to catch fish, with this title has gained a significant cult following since being released in the very early days of the PlayStation.

This type of title is also ideal in instances where you’re new to fishing or just getting to understated pastime; it enables you to learn more about the best techniques before practising these in the great outdoors!

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