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7 Inspiring Movies For Students That Are Worth Your Time

Books, articles and other forms of writing are good sources of motivational information. Millions of motivational books have been sold and they have proved to be beneficial to the readers. Apart from written material, videos have proved to be very effective in motivating students. They have more impact and are more effective.

The entertainment industry has produced movies that are not only entertaining but also motivate students in various aspects of their academic and personal life. They teach about the value of hard work and the benefits of such work both to students and to society. Here are some of the inspirational movies for students that are a must-watch.

Theory of Everything
This is a real-life story of Stephen Hawkings, one of the world’s greatest physicists and cosmologists. With a brilliant I.Q and exposure to the best education, his life seems all set for success. He develops a motor neuron disease and the doctor estimates that Stephen has only 2 years to live. He defies all expectations both scientific and personal. Stephen Hawkings lived up to the age of 76 and became famous for his contributions in the field of Cosmology and Physics.

Educating Rita
Rita is unhappy with her current job and wants to change her life. She believes that getting an education will help her achieve this. She starts reading books and eventually enrolls in a school. Her husband is against her and her teacher was reluctant at first to tutor her. She does not let anything bring her down and eventually manages to turn her life around with the education she acquired.

Stand and Deliver
Jaime Escalante is a high school math teacher. He faces a challenge of helping his failing students succeed while dealing with the student’s bad behavior. As he faces pressure from the school’s management, Jaime decides to use unconventional methods to teach his students. To everyone’s surprise, they become better at math to the point of acing California’s Calculus test. This is one of the motivational movies that teaches students they can succeed in their studies if they work hard without giving up.

Billy Elliot
Billy Elliot is an 11-year-old boy whose passion is ballet. His brother and father are against this, claiming it is not a manly career. Despite the challenges faced, Billy works hard to perfect his ballet skills and finally achieves his dreams.

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The Paper Chase
James Hart manages to get into Harvard, one of the world’s most prestigious universities. He already has a college degree but wants to get a Law degree. Staying focused proves difficult for him with so many distractions at the learning institution. Despite the challenge, he strives to work towards his goal of becoming a lawyer. If staying focused in school is a problem for you, then this movie is just what you need.

Dead Poets Society
John Keating is an English teacher in an institution that very strict and rigid in its rules. John, being vibrant and bubbly, opts to use other methods to teach his students. He uses unorthodox teaching methods that are not accepted by other teachers and the school’s management. However, John manages to reach the hearts of his students, persuading them to work hard towards their goals and not to be discouraged by society or anything else.

The Social Network
The Social Network, one of the most interesting movies for students, is based on a true story. It narrates the story of Mark Zuckerberg, the co-founder of Facebook. Mark wants to turn his dream of a social media site into reality but faces financially and legal problems and opposition from a close friend. He overcomes all the challenges and manages to create a successful social media site.

Whether you have financial problems, had a problematic childhood or face any other major obstacle in life, you can always rise above these and be successful in whatever you want to do. That is the main point of these inspirational movies. Due to the many challenges in life, you may lose focus or give up on your dreams but watching such inspirational movies from time to time will give you the motivation to keep working towards your goals. The journey may take a bit longer than expected but the most important thing is that you reach your destination in the end.

Sandra Larson is a motivational speaker. She focuses on helping people, especially students, to work towards their goals and overcome any challenges they may have. Sandra is also a professional writer and blogger.

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